Understanding the World of Adult Streaming Services

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Adult entertainment has a lot of different faces. Beyond physical services and products, the online presence of this industry has increased drastically over the years. Due to the nature of adult content, the web provides a more discreet, as well as widespread, way for consumers to access content. With the advent of webcams and heightened video quality with streaming abilities over the past decade, a new market has emerged. Live adult streaming services is the newest way people are expressing themselves (and earning some money too).

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What Exactly is a Live Stream?

Adult content related or not–live streams are real-time video feeds that users can interact with by watching and commenting. The content usually revolves around the creator’s life or even just hanging out in front of the camera doing an activity and talking. Many consumers enjoy live streams for the more personal feel they give. The creator seems to be addressing them and they can interact with the video by commenting and tipping.

These streams are on various websites and apps, giving consumers several ways to access their favorite content creators. Which speaking of content, it can look very different depending on the website the feed is on, the creator, and the type of content displayed.

In terms of adult live streams, the content is geared toward more intimate themes with a varying level of risque. Most commonly, these streams feature women teasing the camera and stripping. Depending on the user’s preference, these streams can have the addition of certain features like fetishes, costumes, and much more.

Typically, users subscribe to a website or a creator directly to be granted access to view and interact with the live streams. This is how the creators make their money beyond tips. Subscriptions vary on price and frequency depending on the quality of the content. Private or limited streams are also an option with consumers feeling that much more connected to the content.

How Live Streaming Met the Adult Industry

It’s no secret that the internet has transformed how many industries operate. Technology has a funny way of shaking up the usual and creating new prospects from the pieces. In many ways, the adult industry has gone through a number of renovating changes with the rise of the Internet.

In the case of live streaming, the Internet actually created it! Although there were physical tapes and recordings for users’ enjoyment, this was not an interactive, live stream of video. The interactive aspect of streaming is what now lures so many viewers in to watch and subscribe.

More than just cam girls

When the outside world thinks about live streaming, an idealized version of a beautiful webcam girl might come to mind. This visual of the adult industry was most recently popularized with features on documentaries and other buzz about ‘cam girls’ in specific. Characterized as young females who are looking to pay off school debt or make some extra money, cam girls are an archetype of the popularized version of adult live streaming. While cam girls do represent a significant portion of the market, they’re not the complete representation of adult live streaming. There are far more content-creators who have made webcamming into an art. 

Future Possibilities in Live Streaming

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The adult industry is a rapidly growing one, with billions reportedly being brought in yearly. To say that webcamming or live streaming will increase over the years is an understatement. Webcamming as an industry alone was estimated to be in the $1 billion range. With the advancement of technology, there’s virtually no cap to how tech will transform the face of the live streaming market.

Everyday new technology emerges that makes us question how we lived prior to it. Reflect back on the days before there were even webcams. Now suddenly we all have cameras integrated into our smartphones and laptops that have the ability to wirelessly stream video. There’s just no telling what new technology will be adapted to this market. Even factoring in the recent craze with virtual reality technology, the possibilities really are endless. Will VR one day be an added feature of live streaming? Only time will tell.

Live Streaming Meets Business Opportunities

There is a lot of opportunity in this market for those inclined to see the business side of things. And with most avenues of the adult industry booming, it’s easy to see why. Beyond just porn, there’s a lot of room for investors and entrepreneurs to dive in.

A big push that’s happening right now in the space is startups that put a spin on some aspect of the industry. Education is a very popular topic, with many entrepreneurs focusing their attention to shedding light on previously taboo topics or simply creating safer resources for people–old and young–to learn about sex, identity, sexuality, and a number of other related topics.

Adult Live Streaming Merchant Services

If you are a business owner looking for an adult streaming merchant account, you mind find that it is a hard journey. The industry is too high risk for many banks and payment processor. For this reason, you will need to search for high risk payment processors that have experience with merchants in the adult industry.

Don’t take a chance on a low risk processor. They may get you a virtual terminal and let you process for a while but account closure is inevitable. Do it right the first time and find a high risk merchant account that can support you long term.