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Finding credit card processing for drop shipping services is tough. Luckily PaymentCloud has the secure tools to support you.
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Drop Shipping Payment Processing

Building, launching, and managing your own dropshipping website is one way to generate an income when you don't have the space to store inventory. While entering the dropshipping business is appealing, it is important to understand what success within the industry entails and how to get started. Seeking credit card processing for drop shipping is one of the biggest steps you can take when starting in the drop shipping industry.

Why Owning a Dropshipping Business is Extremely Beneficial

Launching your own dropshipping business is a great way to generate an additional stream of income for yourself. With a dropshipping business, there are many benefits that do not come with owning a traditional business, such as:

  • Inventory: With a dropshipping business, you don't have to stock and sort your own inventory. Instead, choose from an array of products to stock in your eCommerce store with just a few clicks. A dropshipping business earns a percentage of each total sale doesn't require you to manage or replenish inventory.
  • Shipping: Most dropshipping businesses are not responsible for shipping the items they sell to customers. As a dropshipping business owner, take advantage of having access to direct manufacturers or warehouses that stock your current products. Manufacturers and warehouses are responsible for shipping and tracking each item you sell on your website.
  • Automation: Once you have established your business and brand, utilize automation to keep generating sales as you pivot your focus. Focus on building additional businesses or expanding your current dropshipping business with automation tools and solutions in place. Use automation to generate sales, keep track of inventory, and provide you with in-depth and comprehensive data reports.

Pitfalls That Make the Drop Shipping Industry High Risk

Some of the most notable reasons why dropshipping merchant accounts are not approved or are later terminated by traditional payment processors such as Paypal, Braintree, and Stripe include:

  • Fraudulent Charges: Industries that receive an overwhelming number of fraudulent reports or charges are considered high risk by most payment processors. Be sure to keep track of fraudulent charges you receive on your dropshipping website before applying for a merchant account. The more data and information you have available to share, the easier it is to gain approval for your account.
  • Chargebacks: If your industry has a chargeback rate of more than 3% it is likely considered 'high risk' by most payment processors. This is common in the drop shipping industry because of less than perfect customer service and refund policies. However, there are ways to reduce this so your chargeback rate is within your bank's supportable range.

Using a dropshipping payment processing service is a great way to ensure you have the ability to process card payments for your company and online storefront. But with it comes a struggle to stay compliant with your acquiring bank. The risk factor makes this journey harder, but it doesn’t have to be. Look instead for a high risk payment provider that is used to the industry type. Don’t risk your drop ship merchant account for no reason.

Benefits of Using High Risk Merchant Services for Drop Shipping

Using credit card processing for drop shipping provides an array of benefits. By using merchant services for drop shipping you are enabling yourself to accept credit cards of all types as payment options. This opens up your ability to make money and grow your company. Once you have applied for and received the high risk merchant account you desire, enjoy the following perks and advantages:

  • Quick Payments and Deposits: Rather than waiting days for your payments, receive payments and deposits much quicker.
  • Integrated Gateway: Take advantage of a seamless payment gateway that looks and feels like it is completely yours. This makes it easier than ever to accept credit and debit card payments from your customers online.
  • Pricing: Whether you are launching a brand new startup or building the online presence of an existing corporation, we have you covered. Enjoy our flexible and competitive pricing suitable for just about any budget. At PaymentCloud we have free rate review procedures to ensure that we can meet or beat your current rates.
  • Account Representation: Assigned account representatives are available for each of our clients, providing valuable feedback, insight, and guidance regarding your drop ship payment gateway.

Finding credit card processing for drop shipping companies is not always easy, but it's possible with research and thorough understanding of the market you are targeting. With the right drop shipping payment gateway, begin promoting and selling products you support and back without risk or hassle. Once you are using merchant services for drop shipping, you can start selling your products without any issues. Choosing the right drop ship merchant account provider and the right market to enter can make all of the difference when it comes to generating sales and success online.

PaymentCloud Secures Dropshipping Payment Processing

We have the relationships in place to support credit card processing in the drop ship industry. It is a two way street between our banks and our merchants that garners trust and flexibility. PaymentCloud is adept at high risk accounts because of our focus on compliance, underwriting, and security. We have what your dropshipping company needs to be able to grow and scale your business through payments.

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PaymentCloud is the best at supporting credit card processing for debt consolidation services because we can hook up to the software and solutions that you already use. CRM’s, accounting softwares, and 3rd party platforms can be connected with just a click. Find out about our full list of integrations by talking to your senior account representative or by giving us a call.


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