MOTO Credit Card Processing

Looking to expand your business’ credit card processing capabilities? Explore mail and telephone order options for your business.

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Accept MOTO Payments and Transactions

When you’re searching for a reliable MOTO (mail-order, telephone-order) merchant account, it can be hard to find the variety of options you need to suit your business. Here at PaymentCloud, we understand the importance of security and convenience for you and your customers—and it shouldn’t be difficult to find. That's why when a merchant accepts MOTO payments, the only hardware you need is a virtual terminal. Key in your customer’s information whether it's through phone, fax, mail or email.


Over-the-Phone Transactions

Add a personalized touch to your customer's checkout experience by adding the option to process their payments securely over the phone.


Invoice Links and Email Payments

Mail and email orders are simpler than ever. Just type in the provided credit card information and send the customer a receipt of their purchase automatically.


Faxed Credit Card Processing Info

Taking transaction information through a fax is more common than you may think. Securely type in cardholder information and confirm with the customer automatically.

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Apply for an account to instantly start processing mail and telephone orders. Or reach out to us to design a custom package for your business.


Professional MOTO Merchant Account

Merchants who want a greater reach or would like to offer more flexibility to their customers will greatly benefit from accepting MOTO payments.

B2B Businesses Love MOTO Payments

B2B Businesses Love MOTO Payments

Fax and email are still a large part of many business to business communication- including payments. This is why a MOTO merchant account is so important for them to grow.

Freelancers and Contractors

Freelancers and Contractors Too!

Many of these merchants don’t even need a website to complete a customer order because we offer flexible MOTO merchant accounts that can be accessed from any secure web browser.

How Your Customers Benefit From MOTO Payments

While online purchases are one of the most common forms of shopping, some customers still prefer a personal interaction. MOTO payments help you give your customers more options.

Customers can call or email you, give you their credit card information, and get instant confirmation of approval all in one step. It's the easiest way to provide your customer base a personalized experience. That's why tons of seminar and freelance business owners prefer MOTO over faceless online transactions.

Make sure you're doing everything you can to cater to your clients and create a positive experience for them.

We want to help facilitate those interactions, which is why PaymentCloud has perfected the MOTO process.

MOTO dashboard to enter cardholder information from anywhere

Combat MOTO Transaction Fraud

MOTO transactions are card-not-present transactions. For this reason it is important for us to prioritize security when processing this transaction type. Unlike other transactions where a qualified customer, their physical credit card, and a purchaser’s signature is present, these payments are accepted without those precautions.

PaymentCloud Prioritizes Security

PaymentCloud Prioritizes Security

Because of this, PaymentCloud offers in-depth screening and verification procedures for all MOTO transactions from your clients such as PCI Compliance, address verification, and data encryption.

Online MOTO Dashboard Tools

Card Information Verification

Card Information Verification

First, we ensure the card being used is not flagged as stolen with the appropriate bank. Then we check that the address, CVV, and expiration date from the purchase matches the card information from the bank. In some cases it is also useful to require a signature from the purchaser. Oftentimes this is only for items purchased with card information sent through mail or fax. This is also true for large orders, which can be used in conjunction with confirmation calls and emails about the purchase.

Set Up Your MOTO Merchant Account

If you think a MOTO merchant account is the best option for your business, PaymentCloud is ready to get you set up! We offer unmatched professionalism and helpful service to help you get started. From high risk businesses to low risk, we work with a wide variety of industry types to provide payment solutions that benefit both you and your customers.

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Once you apply for your MOTO merchant account, you will have access to a large toolset of options to personalize and simplify your business!

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With just a click, we can set you up with the power that MOTO payment processing has to offer- No hassle.

No Fees or Hidden Prices

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