Accept ACH Payments

PaymentCloud is adept at supporting ACH payment processing for all types of businesses. Send and receive ACH payments instantly for B2B transactions with our simple, secure, and scalable technology that lets you expand your digital payments options.

  • Increase Cash Flow
  • Accept Instant ACH Transfers
  • Multiple Gateway Integrations
  • No Setup Fees
  • Accept Payments Anytime
  • Send ACH Payments Online
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The Best ACH Payment Processing

PaymentCloud already has the relationships to support credit card processing online and in-person, ACH (Automated Clearing House) is just another service that we can provide. With a quick and simple application process, we can get you set up to take ACH payments right away.

ACH Payments from Anywhere

ACH Payments from Anywhere

This is your all-in-one answer for online, MOTO, and mobile transactions- the only thing you need is an internet connection.

Subscription and Recurring Billing

Subscription and Recurring Billing

You will have the ability to subscribe customers for recurring billing with just a click of a button. Simply set the recur date and amount automatically.

Check Verification and Processing

Check Verification and Processing

Reduce fraud by verifying the check received and initiate deposits into your bank account directly.Receive an instant bank account confirmation and updated balance.

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Create an account instantly and start processing now. You can also contact us to design a custom package for your business.

How Can You Use ACH Payment Processing?

Instant account setup and next day transfers make it easy to send and receive money.

Options for ACH processing with your phone or computer

Why You Need ACH Check Processing

Chargebacks and fraudulent activity are not concerns that merchants worry about when using check processing procedures to accept payments. In contrast to credit card use, check processing has a much lower chance of these risk factors.

By utilizing PaymentCloud’s high risk echeck processing or ACH solutions, many risky businesses have been able to get a hold of their fraud and chargebacks and stabilize their company. With instant echecks verification and approval, merchants reduce and even eliminate their risk of receiving fraudulent check transactions.

Instantly Send and Receive Payments!

Looking for reliable ACH and payment processing that won’t break the bank? PaymentCloud is the answer. No long application. No separate bank account. Just simple and robust ACH merchant services for you.
Every Business Needs an ACH Processor

Every Business Needs an ACH Processor

Easily send and receive money from clients, easily authenticate echecks with our advanced verification tools, and balance your books with PaymentCloud’s ACH merchant solution.

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  • Freelancers
  • Government Agencies
  • Accounting Firms
  • Utility Companies
  • Auto Repair Shops
  • General Contractors
  • Travel Agents

Get Paid Faster With Instant ACH Transfer

Initiating an ACH transfer is one of the fastest ways to receive payment straight to your bank account. By setting up ACH payment processing, you’re providing your customers with a quick and convenient way to pay for your goods and services. Not only do instant ACH transfers speed up the time it takes to receive payment, they also ensure customers have the opportunity to pay in a timely manner.

Accept ACH Payments and Save Money

Because ACH processing takes place electronically, you don’t have to worry about outrageous credit card terminal fees. In general, there are few hidden costs associated with ACH payment processing. This is especially true if you own a business that frequently accounts for high-volume transactions. By accepting ACH payments, you can directly save money on your processing fees.

Give Customers Another Way to Pay

Your customers expect to pay for a transaction with a method most convenient to them. With the addition of ACH transfer, customers are presented with a quick and easy way to process their payment. And with consumer trends skewing toward digital payments, you can’t go wrong with ACH payments.

Reliable Recurring Revenue with ACH Processing

ACH payment processing helps you stay on top of recurring payments. Daily, weekly, and monthly payments are easy to generate with just a click of a button. Gone are the days of setting reminders to invoice. Simply set the amount and the invoice is sent automatically, creating a reliable ACH transfer.

ACH Payment Processing is Simple

No matter what your business type is, PaymentCloud has the solution for your business to take ACH and credit card processing. With just a fast online application, we can get you set up and integrated within 48 hours.

Receive Payments

Accept payments from your vendors with just a click of a button, Single and recurring payments are easy to generate and send with an intuitive dashboard.

Send Payments

Create a single or recurring payment to your clients directly into your bank accounts. The most streamlined solutions for payouts.

Next Day Transfers

Get the money into your account within 24 hours, so that you’re ready to move forward with your business.

Transfer Confirmation

Receive instant verification that your bank account was credited or debited along with your updated account balance - making accounting a breeze.

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Click to sign up below and fill out the short application. We will reach out to you in as little as an hour to get the ACH merchant account integrated directly on your site.

Clients Love Our ACH Solution

No need to sign up for an account to pay.

Your clients will never need to create an account or get an app in order to pay this way.

No need to share sensitive bank information.

PaymentCloud has a secure connection to your bank, so there is no need for an exchange of confidential information.

100% free for your clients to use.

Clients simply click the invoice email link, connect to their bank account once, and click to pay. That's it.