Payment Gateway for Tech Support Merchants

Securing a PC tech support merchant account to be able to accept credit cards online is the obvious next step for any tech support or IT business. Unfortunately, most payment gateway providers and banks black-list these types of businesses because of the increased risk for fraud and chargebacks. Fortunately, there are options to secure a payment gateway for tech support businesses with the right high risk provider and banking partnership.

In the tech support and IT industry, you know that being able to accept credit cards online is vital to the success of the operation as clients are often times on the other end of the phone line. If the support representative cannot collect payment via credit card then he/she can’t close the sale. Customers no longer rely on cash and debit transactions to make purchases, especially if it’s a larger amount. Less cash on hand and credit card reward programs have incentivised spending to favor credit purchases.

Tech Support Merchant Accounts are Hard to Place

Selling a service related to IT or tech support has inherent risks. Reasons for this include:

  • Fluctuating ticket sales
    Tech support and IT businesses require specialized skills, which leads to higher ticket sales on average than many other industries. On the other hand, quick fixes account to much smaller ticket sizes. That wide range of sales amounts makes it harder for business owners and banks to determine an average transaction size.
  • Fraudulent practices are rampant
    Customers and banks both think of the same thing when tech support is mentioned: scams. Pop-ups, malware, and viruses have overshadowed the good side of the tech support business, making it seem much less reliable. In order to combat this, strict underwriting and business practices need to be in place before approval begins.
  • Tech Support is a service
    Businesses such as these don’t usually deal with physical products and many times customers barely understand the issues that they are facing when technical support issues come up. Because of this, it is much easier to have a dissatisfied customer. Businesses such as these rely just as much on their ability as their customer service skills. This business style brings up issues that are harder to resolve, which may result in unhappy customers and increased chargeback ratios.

A majority of banks are unable and unwilling to support a payment gateway for online technical support merchants for these reasons. But it doesn’t have to be this way, there are high risk providers out there who have the infrastructure, underwriting, and risk mitigation procedures for IT and tech support merchants.

Tech Support Payment Gateway Provider you can Trust

Most merchants find their way to us because they have been shut down by their previous tier one processor. This commonly happens after months of processing and without warning. Luckily, PaymentCloud has the relationships in place to be able to secure credit card processing for tech support businesses. Specializing in high risk merchant accounts, such as tech support, we have what you need to succeed.

We provide a dedicated account manager who helps you stay compliant with current bank procedures, gets you set up with a secure gateway, and provides risk mitigation and chargeback management tools.

Still Unsure? No Worries, You Have our Support

Even if you don’t have the best personal credit or are looking to begin a completely new merchant account for tech support, we have the bandwidth and track record to get your company up and running. PaymentCloud credit card processing procedures allow you to get back to the basics of running your business.

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Full-Service Merchant Services

PaymentCloud is a full-service ISO dedicated to providing innovative solutions and unparalleled customer service. The merchant services field is antiquated, but we aim to break out of the status quo. Our suite of innovative services was built to save you time and money.

Quick Deposits

As a business owner, you should never have to wait for access to your funds. You have bills to pay and a business to run, and we understand. That is why PaymentCloud offers next day funding for ALL card types.

Our next day benefits are great for businesses that...

  • Process the bulk of transactions in the evening
  • Process heavy volume during the weekend
  • Are located on the West Coast
  • Have daily or weekly expenses such as payroll, inventory restocking, or shipping costs

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Innovative Technology

PaymentCloud is an industry leader in product innovation and cutting-edge technology. We provide our merchants with payment processing solutions customized to their business type. Our terminal selections include the latest in EMV Smartchip technology, wireless or PIN pad options, and countertop devices.

We also offer mobile processing hardware and applications, tablet POS systems, and our secure online payment gateways. Your dedicated account representative will assess the needs of your business and set you up with a solution that best fits your needs.

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Dedicated Account Rep

At PaymentCloud, customer and technical support are aspects of the business that we take seriously. Each of our account representatives is rigorously trained in merchant services, product specifications, pricing structures, and technical support.

When you set up your account with us, you will be assigned one of our expert representatives who will set you up with everything you and your business needs. We want to see you succeed and strive to provide the best support that we can.

Your account representative will:

  • Assist you with filling out your application, helping you get approved quicker
  • Walk you through setting up your equipment or electronic processing software
  • Go over pricing structures as well as Visa/MasterCard rates and fees
  • Notify you when industry and/or security updates arise
  • Provide you with personalized customer service when you need it

Contact one of our specialized representatives today at 1-800-988-2215 to learn more.

Competitive Rates

We are proud to offer competitive rates for payment processing services, including highly affordable equipment leases for terminals that accept swiped and keyed-in credit card transactions.

We’ll work with you and try our best to beat competitor rates. Take advantage of our FREE rate comparisons to show just how much you could save.

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