Digital Downloads

Looking for a merchant account for your digital product or e-book? PaymentCloud has the solutions in place to get you approved and processing the right way. If you have been searching for a merchant account provider for a while now, then chances are you have found out just how difficult it can be to find a processor that is comfortable with card not present (CNP) digital downloadable content. The good news is your search ends here.

You may be wondering what falls under the digital download or product classification. The most common would be e-books. Anything from teaching you the latest in online marketing tactics to a 50-page course on day trading. Many banks don’t allow this type of product/industry within the confines of their credit policy due to the ambiguity of the product or service rendered and the method by which it is delivered. For instance, it’s not a transparent item that is changing hands like a comb or kitchenware, it is a product that isn’t so black and white. Therefore, the chances of incurring a chargeback is much higher. Furthermore, the product is being sold online where the card holder isn’t present at the time of the sale opening it up to the possibility of fraudulent transactions.

Downloadable instructional courses that charge either a one-time fee or on a subscription-based model are also considered high risk. Examples include Forex trading, internet marketing, programming and design courses just to name a few. All of these fall under the same classification as the banks are concerned. Luckily, we have aligned ourselves with banks that allow for these industry types within their credit policy.

So how does the process work? The first step is to submit an application to PaymentCloud along with supporting documentation so that the bank can adequately underwrite the account and complete their risk assessment. The documents need (found to the right) are: photo ID, voided check, 3 month’s bank statements, and 3 months processing statements (if available). Your website also needs to be compliant, a PaymentCloud executive will help go over the short checklist prior to submission. We are here to answer any and all questions that you may have along the way. We will hold your hand through underwriting and advocate on your behalf until you are approved. We will also put in motion the steps required in order to expedite the process and produce the results you expect.

Ready to start accepting credit card payments right on your site? Fill out the short form request to get started and gather all the docs listed on the right. We look forward to working with you.

Full-Service Merchant Services

PaymentCloud is a full-service ISO dedicated to providing innovative solutions and unparalleled customer service. The merchant services field is antiquated to say the least; we aim to break out of the status quo. Our suite of innovative services was built to save you time and money.

Quick Deposits

As a business owner, you should never have to wait for access to your hard-earned capital! This is the reason PaymentCloud offers next day funding for ALL card types. We understand that merchants have bills to pay and need funds to run a successful business on a daily basis, so we do not make you wait to access your funds.

Next day funding benefits…

  • Businesses that process the bulk of transactions in the evening
  • Businesses located on the West Coast
  • Merchants who process heavy volume during the weekend
  • Businesses that have daily or weekly expenses like weekly payroll, restocking inventory and shipping costs

Your business already earned the money, so you shouldn’t have to wait for it! Contact PaymentCloud today to learn more at 1-800-988-2215.

Innovative Technology

PaymentCloud is an industry leader in product innovation and cutting-edge technology. We provide our merchants with payment processing solutions customized to their businesses types. Our terminal selections include the latest in EMV Smartchip technology, wireless options, countertop devices, and PIN Pad options.

We also offer mobile processing hardware and applications, tablet POS systems, and our secure online payment gateways. Your account executive will assess the needs of your business and set you up with the solution that best fits your needs.

Dedicated Account Rep

At PaymentCloud, customer and technical support are aspects of the business that we take seriously. Each of our account representatives is rigorously trained in merchant services, product specifications, pricing structure, and technical support. When you set up your account with PaymentCloud, you will be assigned one of our expert account representatives who will set you up with everything you need to process with us. Our customers’ needs and success are our first priority.

Your account representative will:

  • Assist you with filling out your application, which will help you get approved quickly
  • Walk you through setting up your equipment or electronic processing software
  • Go over pricing structure and Visa/MasterCard rates and fees
  • Notify you when industry and/or security updates arise
  • Provide you with personalized customer service when you need it and contact us

Competitive Rates

PaymentCloud is proud to offer competitive rates for payment processing services, including highly affordable equipment leases for terminals that accept swiped credit cards and keyed-in transactions. We’ll work with you and compete with other processors to give you our most affordable rates. We even offer FREE rate comparisons to show just how much you save.

Call a PaymentCloud account executive at 1-800-988-2215 to learn more about our low rates.

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