Gun-Friendly Credit Card Processing

For businesses operating in highly regulated industries, like firearms and ammunition, obtaining gun-friendly credit card processing can be a challenge. If you plan to manufacture, import, or sell guns or ammunition, you’ll need a credit card processor that’s on your side!

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Firearm Credit Card Processing

As a leading provider of gun-friendly merchant accounts, PaymentCloud has the experience, knowledge, and structure to assist businesses of this nature. We have the resources necessary to support the nuances of firearm credit card processing. If other processors have turned you away or terminated your account, PaymentCloud has you covered!

graphic icon of receipt, tablet, gun in holster, and ammo representing firearm payment processing

As a leading provider of gun-friendly merchant accounts, PaymentCloud has the experience, knowledge, and structure to assist businesses of this nature. We have the resources necessary to support the nuances of firearm credit card processing. If other processors have turned you away or terminated your account, PaymentCloud has you covered!

Types of Gun Businesses We Support

  • Gun Shop
  • Firearms Retailer
  • Gun Manufacturing
  • Firearms Cleaning
  • Gun Range
  • Gun Broker
  • Firearms Training
  • eCommerce Gun Store
  • Firearms Repair
Gun Businesses  Support
Gun Businesses Support
Gun Businesses Support
Gun Businesses  Support
Gun Businesses Support
Gun Businesses Support

Why Firearm Payment Processing Is Considered High-Risk

Firearms-related businesses must adhere to a myriad of regulations from the state and federal levels. As a result, selling firearms or related accessories can expose your business to legal and financial liability. In addition to regulatory challenges, the following factors contribute to firearms businesses being considered high risk among payment processors:

icon of 2 cards with arrows to show gun merchant account chargebacks

Likelihood of chargebacks

The gun and ammunition industry tends to have more chargebacks compared to other industries.

icon of mask representing fraud in gun industry

High possibility of fraud

Weapon purchases paid for with a credit or debit card cannot always be definitively traced back to the buyer, which makes this industry an attractive target for fraudsters.

icon of gavel for firearm legal liabilities

Legal and financial liability

Many acquiring banks usually do not service gun businesses to avoid being associated with gun law disputes over gun purchases.

icon of ticket inside wallet representing high ticket gun sales

High ticket sales

The average price of a firearm can range from several hundred to several thousand dollars. A payment dispute of that size can impact your cash flow, increasing the likelihood of your business defaulting on payments.

Benefits of a Gun-Friendly Credit Card Processor

While businesses operating in other industries may turn to payment service providers—such as Stripe, Square, and Paypal—for credit card processing, these companies don’t extend their services to firearms businesses. That said, firearms businesses must rely on traditional payment processors in order to accept payments. However, processors unfamiliar with the firearms industry can hinder your operations more than they help.

Below is a list of issues firearms merchants often encounter when partnering with a payment processor unequipped to meet the demands of their industry:

  1. Account closure: Your merchant account can be closed by a payment processor without warning if they identify it's being used to sell firearms or related accessories.
  2. Frozen funds: If your chargeback ratio is too high—a common occurrence in the firearms industry due to higher transactions being processed less frequently—your funds can be frozen for up to six months.
  3. Cash flow problems: If your funds get tied up for months on end, it can be difficult to keep your business afloat. And cash flow problems are the number one cause of small business closures.
  4. Loss of income: Many gun and ammunition customers require flexible payment options to afford their big-ticket purchases. If you can’t accept credit cards, you may lose out on sales to firearms customers without the available cash to afford their purchase.

What to look for when choosing a firearm-friendly processor

When choosing a firearm-friendly payment processor, consider the following:

  1. Honest sales practices: Read reviews to understand how practices translate to actual experiences with the processor.
  2. Specialities: Most payment processors do not support businesses in the firearms industry. Be sure to pick a processor that does.
  3. Transparent onboarding and underwriting process: Every payment processor has to do their due diligence to vet your business, however, this process should be transparent. How the processor treats you during onboarding is often how you can expect to be treated throughout the lifetime of your account.
  4. Personalized customer service: If you run into an equipment problem, technical glitch, or funding issue, the customer support team should be immediately available to assist you.

Firearm Merchant Account Types

Depending on your operations, you’ll need at least one of the following merchant accounts for your firearms business:

icon of window and mouse cursor for online gun merchant account


If you plan to open an online firearms, accessories, or ammunition business, you need an eCommerce merchant account. Once approved and integrated into your website, you can easily accept payments on your eCommerce site.

icon of storefront for retail firearm payment processing


If you plan to operate a brick-and-mortar location, you need a retail merchant account. This type of account typically includes either a point-of-sale system or a stand-alone terminal.

icon of phone for gun friendly moto merchant account


If you plan to take payments over the phone, you need a MOTO merchant account. An over-the-phone or MOTO transaction requires a payment gateway, through which you input the transaction data.

Requirements to Secure Gun-Friendly Merchant Services

Before securing gun-friendly merchant services, providers generally require that you’ve obtained the following:

  • Federal firearms license (FFL)
  • State-required licenses
  • Business bank account
  • Social security number
  • Merchant account application

A Gun Merchant Account Provider You Can Trust

PaymentCloud has a unique understanding of the ins and outs of the firearms industry. With our 98% approval rate for merchant accounts and expertise in servicing high-risk businesses, we offer reliable services that firearms merchants can trust. At PaymentCloud, we take great pride in giving businesses within the firearms industry a shot at success!

Gun & Firearm Software Integrations

PaymentCloud’s services connect to the firearm-specific software solutions you already use, making your transition and processing experiences seamless.We offer multiple payment gateway options that integrate with thousands of website platforms through an API connection.

Retail merchants receive top-of-the-line terminals that securely process transactions in seconds. We connect everything, ensuring there are no loose ends or missed connections. Take advantage of everything PaymentCloud has to offer for your firearms business today!

FAQs for Firearms Merchant Services

Do I need an ammunition merchant account if I sell ammo?

If you plan to sell ammo online and accept debit or credit card payments from customers for purchases, you need an ammunition merchant account.

Are processing fees higher for firearm vendors?

Because of the financial exposure, regulations, and additional underwriting associated with the industry, firearms vendors can expect to pay slightly higher than average credit card processing fees. However, for that higher cost, you’ll receive numerous risk mitigation benefits when you partner with a quality, high-risk provider.

With that said, if a payment processor offers to work with you, but the rates are exorbitant, consider another gun-friendly credit card processing provider. There are many merchant service providers in the high-risk industry offering competitive rates.

Can I sell guns and ammo through my website?

If you have the proper licenses, you should be able to sell guns, firearms accessories, or ammunition online. However, in order to do so, you first need to secure a payment processor to accept payments online.

Do I need to have an FFL to get firearm payment processing?

Yes, a Federal Firearms License (FFL) is required by the federal government in order to sell firearms and ammunition. Before securing payment processing, your operations must be in full compliance with federal, state, and local regulations.

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