Are you confused by your latest processing statement? Feel like you’re paying too much for merchant services? You probably are. Find out everything you need to know about credit card processing fees, from how you can estimate the cost of fees to how to choose a payment plan.

Ultimate 2020 Guide: Credit Card Processing Fees Explained: Credit card processing fees come with the territory of handling a merchant account for your business, here is your guide to what, why, and how they are assessed.

Most Recent Fees Articles

Bankcard MTOT Disc: What Does it Mean Exactly?

If you looked at your bank account and saw you were charged for “BANKCARD MTOT DISC,” you’re probably wondering where that came from. It also…

a bank statement showing a mtot disc fee on a blue backgroung with a calculator and a magnifying glass

How Much Does Square Charge? Square Processing Fees Guide

As Square continues to grow into one of the major players in the payments industry, many small businesses are considering the platform for processing in-person…

a business owner in front of a terminal to discuss square fees

Stripe Fees and Pricing: Your Complete Guide for 2022

Stripe has become a popular and easy-to-use payment service, competing with big names like Square and PayPal. Whether or not you realize it, you’ve probably…

a person calculating stripe fees on phone with a cup of coffee and newspaper

What Is PayPal's Fee for Merchants? How to Reduce Paypal Seller Fees

PayPal Seller Fees: A Brief Overview PayPal's for-profit business model generates income by charging fees for online payments and payment services between consumers and merchants. As a payment…

a business person at their desk going over documents looking up does paypal charge a fee in front of laptop

ISA Fee: What Is the Visa International Service Assessment Fee?

Looking at your credit card processing statement can be overwhelming. There are so many fees listed—pennies here, a few dollars there—that it can be hard…

a smartphone, passport, and credit card that will incur an ISA fee against a blue background

Understanding the Visa FANF Fee: Rates, Examples, and More

Visa's fixed acquirer network fee (FANF) is a fee that most businesses that accept credit cards cannot avoid. More specifically, most businesses accepting Visa credit…

purple credit card melting from FANF against pink background

Are Credit Card Processing Fees Tax Deductible? What You Need to Know

These days, credit card processing fees are simply the cost of doing business. However, the impact of credit card processing fees on your tax liability…

cash and tax forms that have some wondering are credit card fees tax deductible

PCI Non-Compliance Fee: What You Need to Know to Avoid it

If you’re new to running a business, you may not have heard of a PCI non-compliance fee before. In truth, there are a lot of…

Average Credit Card Processing Fees in 2022: The Complete Guide

While successfully running a business in 2022, it’s likely you’ll find paying credit card processing fees is an avoidable expense. This is true for eCommerce…

multicolor melting credit cards that have credit card processing fees
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