Are you confused by your latest processing statement? Feel like you’re paying too much for merchant services? You probably are. Find out everything you need to know about credit card processing fees, from how you can estimate the cost of fees to how to choose a payment plan.

Our articles break down everything from PCI Non-Compliance fees, to hidden fees and international fees. Explore our articles to learn how you can save on processing fees!

Most Recent Fees Articles

How Merchants Can Cash In on the Visa and Mastercard Interchange Settlement

Credit card interchange fees have been a huge burden for many merchants. These fees, charged by major credit card companies like Visa and Mastercard, significantly…

A Visa, Mastercard and AmEx card showcasing the Visa and Mastercard Interchange Settlement.

Does Zelle Charge a Fee for Business? All Fees Explained

Does Zelle charge a fee? Almost every financial solution worth noting does and for a reason. In today’s competitive market, making it easy for consumers…

Magnifying glass over a stack of coins in front of blue background to discover if zelle charges a fee for business.

Stripe EEA STEL Aggregation: What Is It and How to Get Rid of It

Stripe plays a pivotal role in the United States' payment landscape. By 2021, the payment provider was processing more than $640 billion worth of payments…

A card reader and a card being charged a stel aggregation fee

Clover Fees and POS Pricing Explained: Service Plans, Hidden Fees, and More

A major draw of Clover is its customized offerings capable of supporting various business types and sizes—this, however, can make navigating Clover fees and pricing…

business owner on phone assessing clover fees standing in front of POS

Passing on Credit Card Fees to Customers: A Guide to Surcharge Laws

In this guide to surcharge laws, we delve into the legal considerations businesses should understand before implementing a surcharge program. We'll cover what a surcharge…

A gavel on a pile of surcharge fees

Merchant Account Fees & Rates: A Complete Guidebook

Overpaying on merchant account fees is commonplace for many business owners. While payment processing fees seem small in isolation, they add up quickly, especially for…

Blocks that spell out fees with coins on them to represent merchant account fees.

A Guide to Venmo Business Fees: Is Venmo Free for Businesses?

Does Venmo charge a fee for businesses? The short answer is yes. Although Venmo has been around for well over a decade, it only started…

A magnifying glass next to a stack of venmo seller fees coins against a baby blue background.

Shopify Pricing 2024: Your Guide to Choosing the Best Plan for You

When considering Shopify pricing for your eCommerce business, it's important to understand the options available. Shopify offers five plans: Lite, Basic, Standard, Advanced, and Plus.…

A small shopping cart with bags in it from a store that has good shopify pricing against a yellow background

Authorize.net Fees & Pricing: A Comprehensive Guidebook

Authorize.net provides secure payment gateways to merchants seeking easy, low-cost digital payments. With card-not-present (CNP) fraud totaling more than $19.4 billion worldwide in 2020, obtaining…

A shopping cart with boxes in it to represent authorize.net fees from online shopping.

Payment Gateway Fees & Pricing: Your Go-To Guide

With a surge in online shopping in recent years, there has been a natural focus on payment gateways and their associated gateway fees. Payment gateways…

Pink dollar sign magnets against a pink background to represent gateway fees.
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