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Understanding PayPal Transfer Limits for Your Business

As one of the most commonly used payment service providers, PayPal's business transfer limits are something with which business owners utilizing the platform should be…

two people using their phones to send money before one reaches a paypal business transfer limit

PayPal Business Account: Is It Still Relevant in 2023?

PayPal is one of the world's most recognized digital wallet providers, offering PayPal Business and PayPal Personal services. Many people associate PayPal with its quick,…

a smart phone with PayPal on its display to represent using PayPal for business

How to Delete a PayPal Business Account in 4 Easy Steps

For merchants who no longer believe PayPal is the most advantageous platform for their business operations, this article explains how to delete a PayPal Business…

photo of a person holding a phone with the paypal symbol on it to represent how to delete a paypal business account

PayPal Business Account vs Personal Account: Which Is Best for You?

As PayPal continues its dominance in the payment industry, understanding the differences between PayPal Personal and Business accounts is important for merchants. Business accounts and…

A paypal for business transaction taking place at an ice cream shop and processing through a paypal business account

Stripe vs Authorize.Net: Which Is the Best for Your Business?

Stripe and Authorize.Net are two of the most prominent players in the payment industry. Between them, they cater to millions of businesses throughout the US.…

a person online with a credit card trying to choose between stripe vs authorize net

Stripe vs Paypal: Which Is Best for Your Business?

Accepting credit card payments is essential for businesses looking to establish themselves further. Fortunately, small business owners now have a large range of in-person and…

person using phone to look up paypal vs stripe to use as a payment solution

SumUp vs Square: Comparing Features, Pricing, & Plans

Every business has its own preference in terms of accepting payments—some prefer stationary, comprehensive point of sale (POS) systems, while others favor the flexibility of…

graphic of POS system and credit card reader from Square POS system

Stripe Payments: Is It the Best Option for Your Business?

Stripe is a popular pay-as-you-go payment platform. Stripe is easy to set up and offers a lot of customizability for a competitive price, so it’s…

someone at their desk using stripe payments to operate their eCommerce business

Facebook Pay for Your Business: How Does it Work?

Facebook Pay (FB Pay) is a digital payment service that allows users to send and receive money through Facebook, Facebook-owned platforms, and your website. This…

someone holding a thumbs up with a credit card in their hand to represent facebook pay


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