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Braintree vs PayPal: A Detailed Comparison

Introduction to Braintree and PayPal Braintree and PayPal are payment service providers that allow customers worldwide to accept credit and debit card payments in various…

Stripe Connect Deep Dive: An Essential Guide on Fees and Features

Marketplaces are driving considerable economic activity in the United States, and Stripe Connect is playing a significant role in this sector. This year's eCommerce marketplace…

Two business people working on their revenue together.

Top PayPal Alternatives for Business: A Comprehensive Guide

While PayPal may have a significant share of the payments market, it's hardly the only online payment provider in town. A PayPal business account alternative…

A close up on a woman using a credit card on a tablet.

SumUp Card Reader Review: What You Need to Know

If you’re a new business owner looking to process credit card transactions, then you may have considered SumUp. It directly competes with other popular small…

Why Is My Zelle Account Suspended? Eight Mistakes and How to Solve Them

Zelle has become a prominent payment platform for small businesses across the US—in fact, a whopping 150 million payments were received by small businesses in…

A person holding two phones against a pink and blue background

Cash App vs PayPal for Business: Which One Is Better?

For merchant use, Cash App and PayPal may seem more similar than they are different. On the most basic level, both payment service providers are…

A man holding smartphone and credit card to decide on cash app vs paypal debate.

Stripe Payments: Is It the Best Option for Your Business?

Stripe is a popular payment platform that integrates with many websites and accounting software programs. You may have used Stripe to pay invoices issued through…

Someone at their desk using stripe payments to operate their eCommerce business.

What Is a Payment Facilitator? What You Need to Know

With more than 470,000 business applications submitted per month in the United States, new entrepreneurs are seeking payment processing partners to handle customer credit card…

A customer using their watch to pay at a terminal thanks to a payment facilitator

Top Zelle Alternatives for Businesses: Which Is Best for You?

Zelle has become a household name in P2P payment transactions, so it’s no wonder that many businesses also turn to Zelle business accounts. But a…

A person paying for a product or service with their smartphone through an alternative to Zelle

Venmo Account Frozen? Here’s How to Unfreeze It in 5 Steps

Having your Venmo account frozen can be incredibly frustrating, especially as a business owner. The inability to send or receive money can have a significant…

A person toggling a phone to fix their suspended Venmo account.
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