Credit card processing is more than just customers tapping, dipping, or swiping to pay. Whether it’s a terminal, payment gateway, or shopping cart, it’s important to fully understand the equipment you’re using.

From how to set up a virtual terminal to what certain decline codes mean, you’ll find all the information you need to help you succeed. Find the tools you need to confidently use your business’s credit card processing equipment at any stage.

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Reviewing Error Codes: What Does Error Code 28 Mean?

It's possible that when you are running a credit or debit card, you'll receive error code 28. While credit card payment processing makes life a…

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What is Error Code 19?

When processing a transaction, you may encounter a number of hold, error, or decline codes, including error code 19. An error code is both good…

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Deciphering Your Hold Code 07

Hold code 07 is a common terminal message you may receive when accepting credit card payments for your business. Many customers prefer to complete their…

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Why am I Receiving Error Code 15?

As a merchant who processes credit and debit cards, you may come across error code 15. Unfortunately, not all credit card transactions successfully go through…

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Error Code 12: Invalid Transaction

As a business owner, coming across error code 12 is familiar territory when running a credit or debit card. Imagine your customer gives you their…

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Error Code 00: What It Means

If you're attempting to accept a card payment, it's possible you may come across error code 00 in the process. In an ideal world, the…

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What an R0 or R1 Error Code Means

Sometimes when you run a credit or debit card, you will come across an R0 error code. Completing a payment for a purchase is a…

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What is Error Code 13: Invalid Amount?

If you run a customer's card and receive back an error message, it could be due to error code 13. When a card cannot be…

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CV Error: What You Need to Know

If you accept card payments for your business, you may come across a CV error. The overwhelming majority of your credit card transactions will succeed…

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What Does Error Code 63 Mean?

If you accept credit and debit cards, you may come across error code 63. Not every payment you process will go through as expected. When…

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