Credit card processing is more than just customers tapping, dipping, or swiping to pay. Start by understanding how to find the best credit card reader.


Find the tools you need to confidently use your business’s credit card processing equipment at any stage. Browse this category for some of our helpful guides, like the complete list of credit card decline codes.

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Top 10 Best POS Systems for Your Small Business: A Complete Review

It's 2022. If you want your business to thrive in today's market, accepting credit card payments is essential. Fortunately, there are now many point of…

man and woman making credit card payment with a mobile pos system

Clover POS System Review: Is it Right for Your Business?

Your business's point of sale (POS) system impacts nearly every element of its operations, from inventory management to employee scheduling to accepted payment methods. Ideally,…

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Clover vs Square: Which Is Best for Your Business in 2022?

There is perhaps no choice with more impact on your business operations than which point of sale (POS) system you choose. If you've narrowed down…

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How to Choose the Best Credit Card Reader: Credit Card Machine Reviews

The question isn't if you need a credit card reader, but rather which credit card reader you need. To remain a competitive business owner in…

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Best Mobile Credit Card Readers for iPhone and Android

If you run a business, it's more essential than ever to have credit card readers. While many readers have long been large, stationary hardware devices,…

blank credit card that can be read with a mobile credit card reader on blue background

Decline Code 01: Refer to Card Issuer

If you process credit cards and receive credit card decline code 01 when running a customer's card, you may not know what that means. Generally,…

a person using their credit card on a terminal that shows error code 15

Error Code R0 or R1: Customer Prohibited Recurring Payment

If you accept payments, sometimes when you run a credit or debit card, you will come across an R0 error code. Completing a payment for…

CV Error Code: Card Type Verification Error

If you accept card payments for your business, you may come across a CV error. The overwhelming majority of your credit card transactions will succeed and…

Error Code 96: System Error

If you’re running a credit or debit card for a customer, you may see error code 96 on your terminal screen. For the most part,…

error code 96 system error

Error Code 91: Issuer or Switch Inoperative

When you accept credit or debit cards, there’s a chance you may come across error code 91 in your credit card terminal. Every year, millions…

error code 91 issuer or switch inoperative
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