Business Funding

Are you looking for business funding but aren’t sure where to begin? More than ever, businesses are looking to grant and loan programs to help fund their operations. Because of the nature of the subject, you’ll want to be aware of the complexities that come with business funding. There are many different options available, from unsecured loans to federal grant programs.

Here, you’ll learn everything from what collateral is to how to secure an inventory loan and everything in between. Find the tools you need to stay informed and grow your business at any stage.

Most Recent Business Funding Articles

What is APR and Its Effect on Your Business? | Apr 01

If you're looking at business loan options you're probably asking yourself, "What is APR?" Getting a business loan is a…

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what is apr

Minority Business Loans for 2021 | Mar 31

In this day and age, BIPOC entrepreneurs have a variety of options when it comes to securing a minority business…

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Minority Business Loans

Business Line of Credit: How It Works | Mar 30

Small businesses often require a wide range of funding channels to meet their financial goals, including business lines of credit.…

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business line of credit

What is Collateral and do You Need It for Your Loan Application? | Mar 24

If you're applying for a loan you may be asking yourself "what is collateral?" This is a timely search as…

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what is collateral

Inventory Loans: Considerations for Your Small Business | Mar 17

Small business owners who sell products to generate revenue may find themselves in need of an inventory loan if they're…

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inventory loans

How to Get a Business Loan: The Basics & Applying | Mar 15

Today, many businesses are hurting for cash and are scrambling for information on how to get a business loan fast.…

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how to get a business loan

Federal Funding for Small Business COVID-19 Relief | Mar 02

Federal funding for small business owners has never been greater. Over the last year, the coronavirus has had serious consequences…

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government small business grants