Is your business suffering from an influx of chargebacks? While they’re a common side effect of running a business, chargebacks can have devastating results when it comes to credit card processing and keeping your merchant account.

This is precisely why it’s vital to understand what a chargeback is, the effect it has on your business, and how you can eliminate the risk of chargebacks in the future. Here you’ll find the resources you need to stop chargebacks from negatively affecting your business.

Most Recent Chargebacks Articles

Can You Dispute A Zelle Payment? Understanding Zelle Chargebacks

While Zelle’s popularity has skyrocketed to place it up with the top peer-to-peer payment providers for businesses, it doesn’t come without its flaws. One of…

A customer disputing a zelle payment in front of a yellow background.

Statement Descriptors: Definition, Types, Examples & More

Statement descriptors are a bigger deal than you may think. They can give your customers more clarity as far as purchases they've made, and can…

A coffee mug, a pair of glasses and a billing statement with a shortened descriptor.

Stripe Chargeback Protection: How to Handle Stripe Disputes

Stripe is a popular payment facilitator among many merchants, and for good reason. It provides a Stripe chargeback protection program designed to help merchants safeguard…

Someone holding a magnifying glass on a stripe chargeback protection lockbox.

What Is a Payment Reversal & How Does It Affect Your Business?

If you currently own a business or are thinking of starting one, it's important you understand the payment reversal process. In this article, we touch…

a customer holding a smartphone ewallet over a credit card reader and wondering what is a payment reversal

What Are Chargeback Representments? Tips for Merchants

The process of chargeback representments can help a business avoid lost revenue, exorbitant fees, and the complete loss of credit card processing capabilities. While receiving…

A business owner writing a rebuttal letter on a desk for the representment chargeback process

How to Prevent & Fight Chargebacks on PayPal: The Complete Guide

PayPal chargebacks can produce many challenges for merchants relying on this platform. While PayPal has an internal transaction dispute process, account holders paying with a…

A merchant at their table with a tablet ready to fight chargeback fees with paypal

How to Handle a Chargeback on Amazon

Most merchants selling on Amazon can agree that receiving an Amazon chargeback alert is a stressful experience. While Amazon is one of the most popular…

top view of an amazon merchant who utilizes amazon chargeback protection services preparing items for shipping

What Is Provisional Credit? Advantages and Disadvantages

Because it can take weeks, sometimes even months, for a final decision to be rendered in the event of a chargeback, issuing backs often supply…

Picture of a piggy bank with cash in it on top of a computer to represent a provisional credit supplied by an issuing bank

Understanding Visa Chargebacks & Disputes: The 2024 Merchant Guide

As more merchants accept credit cards in today's digital society, the occurrence of Visa chargebacks continues to increase. Visa remains to be one of the…

picture of a visa credit card to represent visa chargebacks

A Complete Guide to Discover Card Disputes & Chargebacks 

With Discover being one of the most widely used credit card networks, most business owners have come across the dreaded Discover chargeback. As such, it's…

A shopper on her laptop and holding her credit card to start making Discover chargebacks
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