Is your business suffering from an influx of chargebacks? While they’re a common side effect of running a business, chargebacks can have devastating results when it comes to credit card processing and keeping your merchant account.

This is precisely why it’s vital to understand what a chargeback is, the effect it has on your business, and how you can eliminate the risk of chargebacks┬áin the future. Here you’ll find the resources you need to stop chargebacks from negatively affecting your business.

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Understanding Friendly Fraud Chargebacks and How to Prevent Them

Friendly fraud, a type of chargeback fraud, is one of the contributing factors to the more than $32b worth of annual payment card fraud throughout…

person holding a credit card and filing a chargeback, leading to a case of friendly fraud

What Is a Chargeback Rate? How to Manage & Reduce your Chargeback Ratio

Managing chargebacks and reducing your chargeback rate (also known as chargeback ratio) is one of the most challenging elements in running a business. A chargeback…

Man, holding credit card, searching on his laptop about chargeback rate

Chargeback vs Refund: What's the Difference?

When it comes to reversing charges, there can be confusion between a chargeback and a refund. Understanding these differences is important for maintaining good consumer…

a folded stack of dollar bills on a green background place by someone thinking over chargeback vs refund

What Is an Authorization Hold? Everything You Need to Know

An authorization hold is a valuable tool used to verify if a customer has enough funds to cover a transaction. Many everyday businesses use holds.…

man holding credit card for authorization

What is a Chargeback? The Ultimate Guide to Credit Card Chargebacks

When you're running a business, receiving a credit card chargeback is can feel like a major ordeal. However, chargebacks--while frustrating--are not all that uncommon. In…

woman looking at bank statment on a desk while on the phone to chargeback a transaction she doesn't recognize

What to Know About the Dreaded Chargeback Fee

One of the biggest upsides to being a cash-only establishment is the reduced risk of the chargeback fee. However, if you think your business can…

what is a chargeback fee

How To Prevent Your Business From Credit Card Chargebacks

When owning a business, accepting payments is important, but protecting those payments from credit card chargebacks is essential. Unfortunately, when enabling credit card payments, you…

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Turn Negative Option Billing into a Subscription Positive

Subscription services have received a fair amount of press, both good and bad, concerning best business practices. Confusing small print, faulty customer service, and complex…

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