Credit Card Processing

Are you curious about how credit card processing works and what exactly happens when a customer swipes a card? Do you wonder how card information is kept secure during a transaction? When it comes to operating a business in the modern world, understanding everything you need to know about processing credit cards and other types of payments is vital.

In this section, you’ll learn everything about how credit card processing works, fees, decline codes, rates, terminals, security, and more.

Your Complete Guide to Credit Card Processing: Please check out this post first as it covers many of the basic questions regarding credit card processing from a beginner standpoint.

Which Credit Card Machine Is Right For You?: Selecting your credit card machine sets a precedent for your business. Ensure you find the right credit card terminal for your operations.
List of Credit Card Declined Codes to KnowConfused by credit card codes on your terminal? Here is our list of credit card declined codes and how to read and interpret issuer meaning.

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