Credit Card Processing

Are you curious about how credit card processing works and what exactly happens when a customer swipes a card? Do you wonder how card information is kept secure during a transaction? When it comes to operating a business in the modern world, understanding everything you need to know about processing credit cards and other types of payments is vital.

In this section, you’ll learn everything about how credit card processing works, fees, decline codes, rates, terminals, security, and more.

What Is Payment Processing and How Does it Work?: Accepting payments comes in all forms. Read here to find out the ins and outs of payment processing.

Which Credit Card Machine Is Right For You?: Selecting your credit card machine sets a precedent for your business. Ensure you find the right credit card terminal for your operations.
List of Credit Card Declined Codes to KnowConfused by credit card codes on your terminal? Here is our list of credit card declined codes and how to read and interpret issuer meaning.

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What Is MOTO Payment Processing?

If you want to offer flexibility and convenience to your customers, providing a wide range of processing choices can help improve their experiences with your…

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Interchange-Plus Pricing: Everything You Need to Know

Credit card processing today opens a range of doors to business owners that want to accept different payment methods other than cash. However, as the…

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Stripe vs Square: A Complete Side-by-Side Comparison

Stripe and Square are two of the most popular payment service providers on the market today. When deciding between Stripe and Square, you’ll need to…

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Square vs PayPal: Which Is Best for Your Business?

It is absolutely necessary to accept credit card payments if you own a business. As American consumers start using credit cards more than cash, an…

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What to Do When Stripe Will No Longer Process Payments

For every business across every industry, a quality payment processor is a necessary tool for success. Stripe is a popular choice, especially for new businesses.…

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What is a MID? Merchant Identification Numbers Explained

If your business accepts credit card and debit card payments, you may be overwhelmed with the numerous terms associated with payment processing. While it might…

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Square Deactivated My Account: What Do I Do Now?

Square offers mobile point-of-sale solutions to accept credit card payments. In addition to accepting payments, Square's software can generate sales reports, manage inventory, and provide…

graphic design image of smartphone, dollars, and coins to symbolize square deactivating my account

How to Accept EBT Payments at Your Store

As a way to simplify payments made with Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits, the government created the Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) program. Through it,…

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What is Batch Processing and How Do Batch Transactions Work?

If you process credit card payments, you've likely heard of two types of credit card transactions: batch transactions and real-time transactions. While both are suitable…

neon green ticking clock and credit card symbolizing batch processing

What is a Payment Service Provider or PSP?

When you decide to start a new business, there are many details to figure out. From setting up a website to sourcing products to finding…

credit card that will be processed with a payment service provider being handed from one hand to another hand against a green background
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