Check Processing

Are you looking to process checks, eChecks, and direct debits through your merchant account? Look no further! More than ever, businesses are looking to expand the types of payments they offer. And as we increasingly move towards a cashless and contactless world, businesses are looking for check processing solutions that will keep them ahead of the curve.

Whether you’re wondering if eCheck is safe, looking to accept ACH for business payments, or browsing for B2B solutions, find the resources you need to navigate check processing. Let this type of digital payment expand your business at any stage.

Is eCheck Safe?: Many wonder if eCheck is safe. Find out how electronic check processing works and how it can help your business.

Why Your Business Needs ACH Processing Now More Than Ever: Over the last year, ACH processing has taken hold of the check processing scene. Learn everything you need to know about ACH processing.

Your Guide to Accept eCheck Payments: So you want to accept eCheck but aren’t sure how. Secure and convenient, find out how merchants are using eCheck to expand their digital payment options.

Most Recent Check Processing Articles

R22 ACH Return Code: Invalid Individual ID

When processing ACH payments, you may encounter a situation in which the payment is rejected. Such rejection is accompanied by an ACH return code. And…

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R20 ACH Return Code: Non-Transaction Account

To understand why ACH return code R20 occurs, you must first understand how ACH payment processing works. Automated Clearing House (ACH) transactions have become a…

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R21 ACH Return Code: Invalid Company Identification

As you accept ACH payments, you may receive a return from time to time. Understanding the cause of an ACH return helps you find solutions…

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R18 ACH Return Code: Improper Effective Entry Date

There are a couple of definitions to note before going into the R18 return code and how to resolve it. Processing ACH payments is typically…

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R17 ACH Return Code: File Record Edit Criteria

To understand ACH return code R17, we must first take a look at what an ACH payment return code is and the means to solve…


ACH Form Template: How to Fill Out an ACH Authorization Form

When your business accepts ACH payments, simply obtaining your customers' account information isn't enough. You must obtain a signed ACH authorization form, thereby giving your…

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R19 ACH Return Code: Amount Field Error

To resolve ACH payment processing problems, like an ACH return code R19, you must understand how an ODFI and RDFI interact during ACH payments. Automated…

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R16 ACH Return Code: Account Frozen/Entry Returned per OFAC

When accepting ACH payments, from time to time, you’ll experience a transaction rejection or return. This means that, for whatever reason, the payment could not…

R15 ACH Return Code: Beneficiary or Account Holder Deceased

Before you learn more about ACH payments and return code R15, it helps to define ACH. ACH stands for Automated Clearing House - an electronic…

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R13 ACH Return Code: Invalid Routing Number

Before understanding an ACH return code R13, it is important to go over what an Automated Clearing House (ACH) transfer is. An ACH transfer can…

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