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Are you looking to process checks, eChecks, and direct debits through your merchant account? Look no further! More than ever, businesses are looking to expand the types of payments they offer. And as we increasingly move toward a cashless and contactless world, businesses are looking for check processing solutions that will keep them ahead of the curve.


Whether you’re wondering if eCheck is safe, looking to accept ACH payments, or browsing for B2B solutions, find the resources you need to navigate check processing. Let this type of digital payment expand your business at any stage.

Most Recent Check Processing Articles

What Is Check 21 and How Does Check Clearing Work?

The Check 21 Act provides clear guidance for electronic check processing in the United States. Understanding this act is essential for banks and businesses that…

illustration of woman recieving money from a bank after the check 21 act was passed

Routing Number vs Account Number: What You Need to Know

In order to process an electronic funds transfer (EFT), you need to specify your account number and routing number. Your account number is like your…

Person searching for account and routing number online

R41 ACH Return Code: Invalid Transaction Code

Automated Clearing House (ACH) payments are a form of bank-to-bank electronic funds transfers only available to United States-based financial institutions. Compared to other payment methods,…

social security card and pile of dollar bills symbolizing the occurrence of ACH return code R41

R40 ACH Return Code: Return of ENR Entry

Accounting for 29.1 billion payments valued at $72.6 trillion in 2021, Automated Clearing House (ACH) payments are one of the leading electronic payment methods available…

capitol building, flag, a government funds representing the event of ACH return code R40

R39 ACH Return Code: Improper Source Document

While businesses once operated largely in physical cash, the exchange of actual dollar bills is no longer a leading payment method. Just like the rest…

Man researching solutions to fix ACH return code R39

R36 ACH Return Code: Improper Credit Entry

From mass corporations to small startups, businesses based in the US use ACH payments more now than ever before [footnote] NACHA. ACH Network Volume and…

someone sitting at a desk with laptop and smartphone and seeing that they received an ach return code r36

R38 ACH Return Code: Stop Payment on Source Document

While we once lived in a world that ran via exchanging physical cash, printed dollar bills have quickly become a scarce payment method. Instead, consumers…

Person using their laptop to look up ACH return code R38

R37 ACH Return Code: Source Document Presented

Did you receive the ACH return code R37? With the world becoming increasingly virtual, businesses are operating electronically now more than ever before, leading to…

Merchant checking their laptop to understand ach return code r37

R35 ACH Return Code: Return of Improper Debit Entry

Electronic fund transfers (EFT) are quickly becoming an everyday element of business operations in the United States. The most commonly known type of EFT, Automatic…

man checking mobile banking app on smartphone only to see ACH return code R35

R34 ACH Return Code: Limited Participation DFI

Most businesses processing Automated Clearing House (ACH) payments have probably been in a situation where the payment doesn't go through. If that happens, an error…

A man at his desk and checking his phone to see that he has received an ach return code r34
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