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R84 ACH Return Code: Not Processed by Gateway

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Unforeseen challenges like ACH return code R84 can arise for any merchant. Basically, when failing to process an ACH payment, the ACH system triggers an ACH return code. However, ACH return codes can be ambiguous and fail to provide clear solutions. That’s why we’re here to help you understand ACH return code R84—what it means, its formal definition, and how to resolve it!

What Does ACH Return Code R84 Mean?

ACH return code R84 occurs when the back on the receiving end of the transaction request (also known as the RDFI) can’t process the transaction and returns it. There are two possible reasons why this happens:

  1. Processing of the IAT transaction may put the gateway operator at serious risk.
  2. The foreign payment system doesn’t support the necessary functions to process such a transaction.

Note: This reason code is to be used only for payment gateways with outbound IAT entries.

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Formal definition

We can formally define ACH Return Code R84: Not Processed by Gateway as:

For Outbound IAT entries, the entry has not been processed and is being returned at the Gateway Operator’s discretion because either (1) the processing of such entry may expose the Gateway Operator to excessive risk Or (2) the foreign payment systems does not support the functions needed to process the transaction.

Solutions to Fix R84 Return Code

Because ACH return code R84 can happen for multiple reasons, it’s sometimes difficult to pinpoint what caused it. In situations like these, it’s best to get in touch with the ACH operations group of your bank. Tell the agent about the error and be ready to provide them with transaction details. While you can’t directly contact the RDFI, your bank should be able to on your behalf and ask for the transaction’s status. You may be advised to try the payment again or choose a different payment method. Either way, once the ODFI gives you the all-clear, you’re ready to accept ACH payments again!

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