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One of the first steps to choosing the best financial assistance for your business is educating yourself on the different types of available business funding. Business loans come in many different forms and create the opportunity to start, expand, or keep businesses afloat with additional funding. With over 35 years of lending experience, our trusted capital partner can help your small or mid-sized business achieve its financial goals.

Traditional thought says the best business loans are provided by banks. However, there are many businesses who don’t qualify for the traditional route. If you’re looking for small business funding, you may have a hard time qualifying for conventional business loans. This may be because of a bad business credit score, lack of business history, or a number of other factors.

Just because you don’t qualify for traditional business term loans doesn’t mean you’re out of luck. Alternative business funding options are available. It’s important to explore all the types of business loans available to decide what’s best for your business.

Average funding time

24 hrs

Average funding time

DBusiness we’ve helped grow


Business we’ve helped grow

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50 years

Lending Experience

Financing secured for our clients


Financing secured for our clients

Find the Right Funding for You

Different types of business loans vary by aspects like term length, funding amount, interest, and repayment structure. With extensive industry experience and comprehensive knowledge of the types of business funding available, we help companies large and small choose the best business loans for their unique situation. Securing a business loan is no small matter, so taking the time to determine which type of business funding is best for your business will help you decide what to apply for.

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Business funding of any size

Whether you need small business funding to get your dream off the ground or quick business loans to cover expenses, our trusted capital partner can provide a wide range of business funding options that will be tailored to your needs.

Types of Fast Business Funding

There are several types of available business funding, but they can be classified into 3 main categories: alternative funding, steady loans, and flexible financing. Depending on your business, the amount of money you need, and the risk involved, you will fall into one of these categories. Take a deeper look into the business loan options available.

Alternative Funding Options

This business loan option allows businesses to find quick, secure, and flexible funding outside of conventional term loans. Take a look at our alternative business lending page for more information on if this is the right option for your business.

Steady Loan Choices

The tried and true, best business loans are those that are reliable, easy to understand and pay back, and provide a steady funding option. All of the options below do just that. Take a look at the quick and easy financing solutions available to you.

Flexible Financing Opportunities

If you don’t fall into the traditional categories of business funding, a flexible loan is your best bet. They offer a variety of terms, credit line amounts and APR’s, but can mean the difference between your business receiving funds or not. Take a look at the options to see if you qualify for small business funding that fits you.

Industry Specific Loans

No one knows the nitty gritty of your business type like lenders in your industry. Whether you work in auto repair, health and beauty services, manufacturing, or almost anywhere in between, you could qualify for industry specific business funding.

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Benefits of Small Business Funding

Many times, companies are wary of securing small business funding because they’re worried they won’t qualify for a traditional business loan. Business loans of all types help businesses secure the capital they need to cover expenses, grow their business, and purchase necessary equipment to expand and continue operations. Businesses looking for quick, easy, and affordable financing can find the most suitable business funding for their situation with just enough research.

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