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The customer service was outstanding!! The working capital funding will allow our company to persevere through a difficult financial period.

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Capital loans help you adapt and endure.

The most common business challengetoday is paying operating expenses. As a business owner, you know working capital is the money that a business needs, right now, to cover all of its short-term expenses and continue to operate. If traditional banks won’t approve you for a term loan , small businesses often turn to working capital loans.

If you’re looking to obtain immediate business funding to help cover expenses and endure financial hardship, a working capital loan may be exactly what you need to continue operations and meet your business goals. Small business working capital loans get you funded quickly and can cover Items such as payroll, debt, utility bills, rent, vendor payments, and more.

Without the cash flow you need to cover everyday expenses, your business could be in jeopardy. However, you have options when it comes to working capital funding.

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Financing secured for our clients

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What is a Working Capital Loan?

A working capital loan is a flexible loan option that provides cash quickly to small businesses that need to cover their short-term expenses. Working capital loans are often used by companies that are seasonal or work in cycles.

Quickly getting the funds you need is one of the top priorities for entrepreneurs. While banks sometimes offer working capital finance, alternative financing options can provide less stringent requirements to get approved.

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Working Capital Terms

When it comes to working capital loans, the business loan terms are a bit different from traditional term loans. Since working capital funding is a short term solution for businesses who need immediate funding, working capital terms are often a few months to a year.

The Benefits of Business Capital Loans

A working capital loan is easier to obtain than you may think. Here are just some of the reasons why many business owners are using working capital funding to help them stay afloat:

  1. Short-term and medium-term lengths available
  2. Flexible repayment terms based on revenue
  3. Perfect for seasonal or fluctuating businesses
  4. Working capital loans for small business types are easy to get

The Difference Between Working Capital and Term Loans

A term loan is a long-term loan that is used to finance business growth opportunities or the purchase of assets. A working capital loan, on the other hand, is typically repaid within a few months and is used to finance everyday operational expenses.

Another key difference between the two is the amount of paperwork needed for the application and approval process. A working capital loan is quick and does not require a lot of paperwork so long as the business has a good credit history. But overall, business working capital loans require much less documentation than a traditional term loan. Working capital terms include higher interest rates than term loans. However, since they are often paid in two or three installments, they can be much less when compared to the amount of interest paid over the life of a long-term loan.

Types of Small Business Working Capital Loans

There are three popular kinds of working capital loans to become familiar with:

Recently Funded Businesses



Working Capital

Transportation Company


Bridge Loan



Merchant Cash Advance

Bar Restaurant


Line of Credit

PPE Wholesale

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Which type of working capital finance you utilize is up to you and what best suits your business. Each small business is unique and consulting with an experienced provider is the best way to receive guidance on the loan application and deciding which route to small business working capital loans best suits your needs.

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