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Business cash advances help you capitalize on opportunities.

Merchant cash advances are more popular than ever for starting or growing your business. The truth is, many businesses today are low on cash. In fact, about 80% of businesses rely on some form of credit. The merchant cash advance industry has changed rapidly with improvements in technology and online lending. But, if you’re new to merchant funding, you may be asking yourself “What are merchant loans?”

If your business does not qualify for a traditional loan due to a short business history or low business credit score, a Merchant Cash Advance (MCA loan) might just be the right solution for you. We’ll go over the merchant funding definition, how it works, and your best options moving forward.

What is a Merchant Cash Advance?

Merchant cash advance loans are a type of merchant funding offered by a loan provider. This type of merchant loan allows you to borrow money against your future profits. It is basically a sales agreement where the merchant (also known as the business owner) sells their future receivables to a merchant cash advance company for immediate working capital. The loan is then repaid with a small percentage of your credit and debit card transactions until it is paid in full.

Financing secured for our clients


Financing secured for our clients

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Business we’ve helped grow

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Average funding time

How Do Business Cash Advance Loans Work?

Since this revenue is essentially an advance against receivables, the merchant must have a certain amount of sales compared to the loan amounts. Once approved, the merchant can gain access to capital in as little as 24 hours. The loan terms state that you will start repaying the balance as soon as you gain access to the loan. This means there are no set repayment dates, as it depends on the cash flow of your business.

No waiting around for a lengthy approval process - get funded quickly with an MCA loan.

Merchant cash advances have a one-time fixed fee instead of an interest rate. To calculate your merchant funding fee, multiply the factor rate by the amount borrowed. Many merchants notice that these fees are not all that different from the credit card processing fees they’re used to.

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Premier Merchant Funding Partner

Wisco Capital allows businesses to get approved for MCA loans over and over. This means that you can get a small loan now to pay your employees, and multiple loans down the road to fund projects, inventory, invoices and more.

Merchant Advance Loan Repayment Types

Repayments start immediately upon approval of loan terms and are set to automatically come out of your merchant account. This happens either daily, weekly, or monthly, depending upon the agreement with your merchant funding lender. The top 3 most popular MCA loan repayment structures include:

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Merchant cash advances may not be the best choice for every business. If you deal mostly in cash, have good credit, want your revenue flow to remain uninterrupted, and want an exact end date for your agreement, you may need to look into other financing options. Short-term loans, invoice factoring, and traditional installment loans may be better for your personal needs and business practices.

However, if you need hassle-free business funding in a flash, a merchant cash advance is your answer. Because of the repayment structure, easy application, and established connection to your merchant services provider, a merchant cash advance is a great tool for new and existing businesses to flourish. Ask your merchant services provider what they can do to help your business grow.

Now is the time for your business to take advantage of a merchant cash advance and let your business reach new heights!

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