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Have used other alternative financing but none compare. Have now used him multiple times and won’t ever go elsewhere. Highly recommended. 5 stars for sure!

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Small business owners often face challenges obtaining the alternative capital they need from banks, as they may lack the financial history and business credit score required to secure a traditional business loan. Because of this, many small business owners find themselves looking for alternative funding. Alternative business funding allows small businesses and startups to secure the capital they need to continue and expand their operations outside of conventional business term loans.

Traditionally, banks provide lending services to companies that demonstrate a strong financial history and high credit score. Alternative business loans provide an alternative financial solution by offering capital to businesses that don’t fit these criteria. Big banks are looking for entities that can easily pay back any debt and have enough collateral to cover possible defaults, leaving small business owners out of the picture. One in five small business owners say they’ve had trouble obtaining funding , which can really hurt a business’s ability to finance their operation and increase sales. Frustrated as they face these financial challenges, many small enterprise owners are turning to alternative business lending to obtain the capital they need.

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Fundings Completed

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Long-term Business Relationships

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Financing Secured

What is Alternative Business Funding?

Alternative business funding is a way to receive financing from lenders and financial companies that are completely separate from banks. They come in the form of direct private lenders, marketplace lenders, and crowdfunding platforms. Alternative financing companies focus on efficiency and financial products that serve the needs of small business owners who don't meet all of the stringent conditions and terms banks require.

Instead of applying for a loan through a bank, customers can apply through online lenders. These alternative business lenders do not have a full banking license, allowing them to serve the market share of small and microbusiness owners who may not have much financial history or reputation.

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Alternative Financing Options at Your Service

Small businesses are more likely to get an approval from alternative funding sources than a traditional bank. This is great news for business owners who can’t seem to get approved for conventional loans.

List of Alternative Financing Options

Some of the most common loan products alternative lenders provide are:

Recently Funded Businesses



Working Capital


Restaurant Funding


Merchant Cash Advance


Business Funding

Benefits of Alternative Non Bank Lenders

With the rapid increase of small business owners opting for alternative funding sources rather than traditional products, it’s clear that this newer and more efficient lending model is a viable solution to their financial challenges.

Here are some of the reasons why business owners are turning to alternative funding solutions:

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