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Most Recent eCommerce Articles

TLS vs SSL: What Are the Main Differences?

SSL and TLS technology is utilized by eCommerce sites to secure communication channels between servers and web applications. And with one in two Americans suffering…

System wheels with different icons in them and TLS/SSL written.

Transport Layer Security 101: What Is TLS and Why Does It Matter?

Experts suggest that cybercrime will cost the world $10.5 trillion annually by 2025, making it extremely important for business owners to implement security protocols like…

A shield with a keyhole in it to represent secure websites via transport layer security.

Understanding the 4 Different Types of Payment Gateways

There are four main types of payment gateways, all of which function differently to secure and transmit sensitive transaction data between cardholders, merchants, and payment…

A digital credit card to represent an online payment via one of the four main types of payment gateways.

What Are Integrated Payment Systems & How Do They Work?

It seems like every integrated payment solution works with just about any software these days, and for good reason: it makes doing business easy. Integrations…

Business owners integrating payments as simply as using puzzle pieces on a yellow background.

3D Secure Authentication: How It Protects Your Online Payments

Within the eCommerce landscape, there are several authentication tools used by business owners to help protect consumers' account security—these features are known as 3D Secure…

A lock on a desk to represent 3D Secure authentication

Mastercard SecureCode: What Merchants Need to Know

Mastercard SecureCode is one of the many cardholder authentication resources available to online merchants for added security. It provides an extra layer of protection for…

a mastercard with securecode on a pink background

How to Sell Digital Products Online: Top 10 Digital Product Ideas

While many eCommerce businesses sell physical goods to customers, digital products are becoming increasingly popular. The eCommerce industry continues to expand its online presence across…

A merchant holding an iPad learning how to sell digital products online.

BigCommerce Payment Gateways: A Complete Business Tutorial

BigCommerce is one of the many eCommerce platforms designed to simplify building an online store and accepting digital payments through payment gateways. One of its…

A shopping cart attached to a computer mouse moving to a computer with a bigcommerce gateway.

Shop Pay Review for 2024: A Complete Overview for Merchants

In today's complex digital world, merchants are looking for a simple payment solution and Shopify's payment service, Shop Pay, does precisely that. As evidence suggests…

An online shopping cart dashboard using a shop pay account.

Payment API Integration: Advantages, Features, & Solutions

Over the last 10 years, eCommerce sales have surged from $60.4 billion in sales in 2012 to $261.97 billion in 2022.[footnote]YCharts. "US E-Commerce Sales (I:USECS)".…

A payment API plug next to a business's piggy bank account.
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