Credit Card Processing

Are you curious about how credit card processing works and what exactly happens when a customer swipes a card? When it comes to operating a business in the modern world, understanding everything you need to know about processing credit cards and other types of payments is vital.

Not sure where to start? Build a solid foundation by learning about merchant accounts, payment gateways, and virtual terminals.

If you’re thinking of working with a payment service provider, check out our article on its pros and cons, and the alternative that may work better for your business.

An important aspect to consider when shopping around for the lowest credit card processing fees includes interchange fees vs flat-rate pricing. Contrary to popular belief, flat-rate pricing may not always be the best choice for your business.

Most Recent Credit Card Processing Articles

What Are Merchant Services? Understanding Merchant Service Providers

If you operate an online or physical storefront, it is increasingly important to have a merchant service provider to process credit card payments. In fact,…

A person using their card on a terminal that is connected to a merchant service provider.

Signature Panel Code: What Is it and How Does it Work?

You may have seen the signature panel code as a three or four-digit number on your credit card. This code is used as an extra…

image of three credit cards with a lock on top on a blue and yellow background to show the security of a signature panel code

How to Accept Payments Online, In Person & Over the Phone

Accepting payments forms the foundation of your revenue, no matter what type of business you run. While cash and check payments dominated the payment space…

contactless payment at countertop of business where contactless payments are accepted

What Is a Merchant Account & How Does It Work? The Ultimate Guide

A merchant account is a particular type of bank account that business owners must establish in order to accept payments. Currently, consumers' most preferred payment…

female business owner checking her small business merchant account

How to Handle a Credit Card Processing Outage

Typically, a credit card processing outage is a rare occurrence. Most days credit card processing is smooth sailing. But on occasion, your power goes out,…


ASV Scanning: What Are PCI Compliance Vendors?

Finding an Approved Scanning Vendor (ASV) is essential for businesses accepting credit card payments. While businesses must accept card payments in order to remain competitive…

laptop in the server room of approved scanning vendor surrounded by yellow wires

Issuing Bank vs. Acquiring Bank: What's the Difference?

Issuing banks and acquiring banks both play an important role when your customer uses a credit card to make a purchase at your business. While…

brick-and-mortar bank with two ATM machines for acquiring bank vs issuing bank

What Is MOTO Payment Processing?

If you want to offer flexibility and convenience to your customers, providing a wide range of processing choices can help improve their experiences with your…

a woman working at a cafe who searched what does moto mean, taking a phone order on pos system

Interchange-Plus Pricing: Everything You Need to Know

Credit card processing today opens a range of doors to business owners that want to accept different payment methods other than cash. However, as the…

illustration of two men surrounded by finance symbols

Stripe vs Square: A Complete Side-by-Side Comparison

Stripe and Square are two of the most popular payment service providers on the market today. When deciding between Stripe and Square, you’ll need to…

one hand holding a terminal and another hand holding a phone to do contactless payment transaction in front of a pink background after deciding between stripe vs square to pay
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