Credit Card Processing

Are you curious about how payment processing works and what exactly happens when a customer swipes a card? When it comes to operating a business in the modern world, understanding everything you need to know about processing credit cards and other types of payments is vital.

Not sure where to start? Build a solid foundation by learning about merchant accounts, payment gateways, and virtual terminals.

If you’re thinking of working with a payment service provider, check out our article on its pros and cons, and the alternative that may work better for your business.

An important aspect to consider when shopping around for the lowest credit card processing fees includes interchange fees vs flat-rate pricing. Contrary to popular belief, flat-rate pricing may not always be the best choice for your business.

Most Recent Credit Card Processing Articles

What is Interchange Optimization? Discover How it Helps You Save Money

If you accept credit card payments then you can’t really avoid the fees that come with payment processing. However, through interchange optimization, you can cut…

interchange optimization

Merchant Statement: A Guide on How to Read a Merchant Processing Statement

Merchant statements can be overwhelming. This article includes a guide that identifies the various aspects of a merchant statement, such as identifying information, price models,…

A merchant statement on a desk with a pair of glasses.

What is a Rolling Reserve and How Does it Affect Your Business?

Rolling reserves are a type of risk mitigation set forth by the processor to account for any losses they may incur from merchant processing activity.…

a woman holding a jar of cash after looking up what is a rolling reserve

BIN Checker: The Ultimate Guide to Bank Identification Numbers

If you're a merchant who deals with credit card processing, it's hard to know what type of card someone has without understanding the bank identification…

What is a BIN number

What is Payment Processing and How Does it Work?

Most companies accept credit cards, but many business owners do not think much about payment processing unless there’s a problem. You may have heard of…

A credit card terminal being used for payment processing.

What Is a Virtual Terminal for Processing Credit Cards?

If you're in the business of credit card processing, then you might be familiar with the term virtual terminal. What exactly does it mean? In…

virtual terminal

Interchange Fees Explained: Definition, Rates, and Common Questions

If you're shopping for a merchant service provider that will help you process credit cards, you'll undoubtedly come across interchange fees. Interchange rates are a…

interchange fees

CVV Code: What It Is and How to Find It

If your business accepts credit card payments, it's important to understand relevant security measures like CVV codes. Credit card companies include a range of security…


How Does Wireless Credit Card Processing Work?

Merchants and their businesses have been transformed by the advent of wireless credit card processing. In the last year, more consumers are looking to pay…

wireless credit card processing

Flat Rate Credit Card Processing: Is It Right For You?

Flat rate credit card processing is one of those terms you'll often hear about when seeking payment processing but that can also be confusing. Finding…

flat rate credit card processing
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