Businesses in the adult sector have a tough time in the payment processing industry. Not only do they have a tough time getting a merchant account, but regulations and stiff competition prove difficult to overcome.

From learning how to reduce the risk to your payment gateway to understanding how to accept credit card payments, we’ve got it all. Browse this category to find the resources you need to navigate the obstacles in this industry and grow your adult business at any stage.

Most Recent Adult Articles

Start your Adult Photography Business: Portfolio to Payment Processing

Anything related to the adult industry is a commodity that consumers will pay a high price for. Whether that means selling tangible items, such as…

camera on a tripod in a bedroom with a messy bed and clothes strewn about

How to Become a Phone Sex Operator: Starting a Business vs Getting a Job

There are many different avenues through which you can begin work as a phone sex operator, including self-employment, entrepreneurship, multi-actor cooperatives, and employment at large-scale…

adult woman using a rotary phone

Securing Strip Club Merchant Processing

Strip club, gentlemen’s club, adult exotic dance establishment, whatever you choose to call it, there are strong opinions surrounding this industry. Trouble with repair shops,…

three burlesque style dancers on stage with smoke swirling around them as they dance sensually

Learning About The Business of Adult Magazines

The adult entertainment industry has a widespread reach in terms of the markets that branch out from the general industry. And with each market comes…

adult man in his bedroom reading magazines that are strewn across his bed

The Surprising World of Adult Sex Education Courses

When thinking about sex ed it’s easy to dwell on previous definitions such as the awkward teen years. These were confusing times before adding often-inadequate…

Female teacher wearing glasses instructing on sex education courses as she sits at her desk with papers across the top

What to Consider Before Finding a Lingerie Merchant Account

Beautiful undergarments = super confidence, it is tested and proven. And with the global lingerie market expecting to grow to nearly $60 billion by 2024,…

mannequins displaying lingerie in storefront
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