Learning About The Business of Adult Magazines

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The adult entertainment industry has a widespread reach in terms of the markets that branch out from the general industry. And with each market comes a strong following of consumers. One of the more traditional markets of adult goods and services is magazines and print publications.

The History of Adult Magazines

Adult publications have been part of society for over a century. Possibly the most famous magazine throughout the decades has been Playboy with covers featuring A-list celebrities like Marilyn Monroe.

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Post World War II, the popularity of erotica magazines boomed in the U.S. with publications popping up left and right. However, adult magazines were not restricted to just the United States. Iconic international publications that competed with magazines like Playboy include Lui and Penthouse.

How Technology has Affected Adult Print

Before the online internet was invented adult magazines thrived with virtually no competition in terms of private pornographic material. With the advent of technology, the adult entertainment industry has had the space to expand in a multitude of directions.

The popularity of adult films did present some competition for adult publications as adult video stores rose in popularity. The advantage magazines had over videos at this time was the portability and relative discreetness. Videos required a VCR and television, whereas magazines could be transported virtually anywhere.

When the internet came into widespread use, things changed drastically for the entire adult industry. Beyond just the general content of the open internet, users are exposed to websites like PornHub that have a plethora of pornographic files to discover. Two major benefits to online porn that outshone erotica magazines were convenience and privacy. Trips to a physical store were no longer necessary in order to access adult material.

Today, adult magazines have shifted focus to appeal to the modern day online consumer. Those who subscribe to these magazines are part of a niche consumer base.

The Different Types of Adult Magazines

Chances are if you’re in the adult publication business you’re not working for Hustler or Maxim. And that’s fine! There are plenty of publications that don’t fall under these wide sweeping parameters.


Smaller publications still hold a lot of validity to them and can have great consumer bases behind them. Recently there has been a big push for freelance erotica writers to publish their works. Smaller publications pick these pieces up in addition to their usual content. This provides not only great content for your readers but also amazing opportunities for unestablished writers.

Subscription and Adult Publications

Beyond just having magazines available for purchase in stores, most publications rely on a subscriber base to make back their money. Having a steady number of subscribers will increase the likelihood of your magazine being circulated.

Subscriptions are not always just physical copies of the magazines but can come in the form of digital copies if discretion is an issue.

The Future of Erotica Magazines

If you’re considering entering any part of the adult publication business, understanding the future of the industry is vital to your success. While there may arguably always be the main players in the industry like Hustler and Playboy, smaller publications have begun trending for tackling a diverse set of topics.

One such adult magazine that has shaken up the market is PC Erotica. Characterized by its futuristic and sometimes outlandish depictions of erotica, the magazine aims to give new insight into the complexities of sex and intimacy.

In the near future with attitudes about sex becoming more positive and understanding, the likelihood of adult publications rising in popularity is potentially very high. Especially with self-love and human right movements increasing in number. There could potentially be a very good reception to erotica magazines and just general material that diminishes negative or derogatory themes.

Securing a Merchant Account for Adult Magazines

No matter what stage your business exists in the process of creating erotica publications, the probability of needing adult merchant services is very high. Payment processing is a necessary step in order to have a complete business. The unfortunate situation most adult merchants find themselves in is securing a merchant account for their business. Because most traditional banks view the adult industry and all markets within to be high risk, it becomes a problem for these business owners to be able to offer payment processing.

Seeking a merchant service provider who deals in high-risk merchant accounts is the best avenue to secure quick and reliable processing.

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