The Surprising World of Adult Sex Education Courses

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When thinking about sex ed it’s easy to dwell on previous definitions such as the awkward teen years. These were confusing times before adding often-inadequate forms of sex education. For many, the sex ed in their younger days did not exactly answer all of their questions concerning sex and reproductive health. Enter adult education courses. These informational classes bridge the gap that traditional sex ed may have lacked.

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Why Adult Sex Ed?

As human beings, we learn by observing. It’s within our human nature to make meaning and learn from our observations, specifically when it comes to sociocultural activities. Another major part of our existence and human behavior is our sex drive. The funny thing is, despite being such an integral part of our lives, sex is very much a closed-door topic. Although anyone with a smart device can access some form of pornography, even that is unrealistic to what goes on in the bedroom. This lack of information at a formative part in life can create a great deal of confusion and issues later down the road.

Now, one might suggest sex education provided in middle school. However, the public education system is not consistent when it comes to sex education. Due to individual state legislation, there is no standardized procedure when it comes to teaching young people about sex and reproductive health. Although this may seem like a non-issue, it’s actually quite a debated topic. Sex and identity are instrumental parts of being human, shouldn’t they be discussed adequately during those formative years?

All of this to say there is a very real need for more informed sexual education for adults. By a certain age, society expects you to be well-versed in these topics. The reality is not so certain.

Finding the Right Audience

Sex education is changing. People are becoming more open about their sexuality and more comfortable with seeking help. Attendance in these courses aren’t restricted to just people in their 20’s-30’s. There is a significant demographic of middle-aged attendees who are drawn to sex education. This exemplifies the notion that it’s never too late to educate yourself. An idea that rings especially true when it comes to the fluidity of sex.

Knowing which audience you’d like to cater to specifically is something helpful to have in mind when starting your business. If your business model is projected to millennials and your first meeting is a group of 60-year-old students, chances are you might be ill-prepared. Ensuring your goals and expectations line up with the reality of how you market your services will lead to a more accurate outcome.

Understanding the Needs of Attendees

People come to sex education courses for a number of reasons. Some want to solve existing intimacy problems in their sex lives while others are simply curious. Understanding and catering to every need and comprehension level makes the entire process that much easier.

It’s also important to factor in the group setting nature of these courses. Shying away from too much groupthink and making sure everyone is being heard will positively facilitate the learning environment. This means filling the role as a moderator to your students. Steering the group in the right direction is a constant job. Especially when it comes to sensitive subject material like intimacy. Keeping the atmosphere respectful and understanding is a must to ensure the trust needed to maintain the flow of group interactions.

Another major need for an understanding atmosphere in class is for individuals who may have been through some trauma or abuse. Sex education courses are a good way for people to work through past experiences, but it’s also beneficial to recommend a more private meeting with a trained sex therapist to fully work through such heavy matters.

The Market for Sex Education

Intimacy related education has risen significantly with the school sex ed debate. Heck, there’s even a wildly popular Netflix show about it. Luckily, the market is projected to grow with the adult industry. As stigmas lose their effect, talking openly and honestly about sex will be far more common than behind closed doors. Adult sex education is instrumental in opening those doors. Imagine, if just one person was affected by the course and tells their slew of friends about it, the possibilities are endless.

Peering into the e-commerce world, being a sex educator has never been easier. Not only are there thousands of platforms for you to market your services, but thousands of potential students waiting for the service you provide. The web also gives your business the possibility to incorporate virtual ways of instructing too, if that’s your style. Another benefit is a website or landing page which gives your audience a look into who you are. With industries like education, capturing an essence of the instructor can put prospective students at ease.

Sex Education Courses Payment Processing

If you are a business owner looking to accept credit cards for your sex education business, you will find that it is very difficult. You will be turned away at traditional providers because of your business type. Simply because of your market, you will need to reach out to high-risk payment processors for support. High-risk merchant accounts through appropriate credit card processing companies know your business and the risk level. They will help you control fraud and set you up with a virtual terminal that will not be shut down. Grow your sex education business without worry.

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