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The shift in technology has revealed how influential social media networks can be in society. With 42% of the population using social media, it’s not difficult to see why. From influencing where we dine to the handyman we hire, social media platforms play a large role in the actions we take. Likewise, the internet has become the perfect platform to sell products and services.

In fact, each year the $220 billion industry grows 17% in the US alone. More and more business owners realize they do not need a physical location to host their business. And with the market headed in this direction, it’s become increasingly easier to create an eCommerce platform. You can source your products, sell, manufacture, and ship your products all from third-party sites. Otherwise known as drop shipping, this method is only one of many industries that benefit from using social media marketing. 

The Success of eCommerce Drop Shipping

Dropshipping is a lucrative prospect. Where a lot of companies struggle with production and distribution, drop shipping simplifies this process. Having to pay for storage and shipping can sink a business–especially if the business model relies on volume over high ticket items. Drop shipping businesses are reportedly more successful than their non-drop shipping competitors for this very reason.

online drop shipping business

With the success of eCommerce merchant businesses in the US, drop shipping has become a growing method of providing goods. The everyday entrepreneur can have a business up and running before a traditional merchant has even made a website. This level of scalability is especially exciting for seasoned business owners. Learning the strategy of your market and then your audience is a major 

Knowing Your Demographics

A lot of business owners jump into the planning of their business before considering important factors. It’s best to have a business plan before taking a nosedive. After establishing key factors of the brand, it’s time to analyze who your marketing efforts are attempting to reach. 

Knowing your demographic(s) is a vital part of running a successful drop shipping business. Without a clear target, your efforts will be in vain. The question a majority of new drop shipping business owners begin to ask themselves is how do you pinpoint a demographic. 

Many turn to the internet in their pursuit of answers. There are plenty of tools at your disposal for researching and tracking users. Three of the most popular forms of gathering data are:

  • Google Analytics
  • Google Trends
  • Surveys

Another way to gauge your audience is to utilize readily available tools such as social media. The shift to influencer marketing and just overall digital marketing has created new avenues for businesses to get consumers to interact with their brands. 

Which Networks Should You Use?

When considering adding social media to your list of marketing tactics, there is a lot to consider. A few questions you should ask yourself include:

  • Is my target demographic typically active on social media? And if so, which channels do they primarily use?
  • Does my business work with a specific site or should I use multiple social media sites?
  • What is your social media strategy?

Each social networking site offers different advantages for businesses. It’s not easy for consumers to bond with a brand they briefly stumble upon. While a good website certainly helps, a brand can truly express itself through social network sites. 

Use Social Media for Drop Shipping

Social media networks are especially useful in the case of drop shipping. Getting the word out about your brand, especially if you’re just starting out, is often the most difficult part. Here are some of the notable benefits of social media use in the case of promoting a drop shipping business.

More exposure

Using a third-party eCommerce platform to host a spot for your company brings with it a pre-existing consumer base. Instead of having to build an audience from scratch, your business can create an account and have access to millions of users. Tapping into this strategy is a profitable way to go about building an audience.

Shrink your initial investment

A lot of business owners make the mistake of investing a lot of money at the beginning to get their business up and running. The only problem is this strategy is rarely effective. The first few months aren’t typically sustainable and merchants quickly find themselves struggling. With a drop shipping business model, your investment is minimal. Beyond setting up your online business and marketing, there isn’t an initial upfront fee.

Additionally, if you choose to pay for social media ads the cost will be a fraction of your typical startup fees.

Less commitment

Certain business models can be restricting. It can take time for you to get feedback and see visible patterns of consumption. Drop shipping affords you the ability to switch up your offerings at any time. If you notice a certain product isn’t doing well on your site, you can easily bring in other products that might be a better fit. There’s not as much commitment in this business model.

Cellphone home screen showing social media apps

Online profiles are flexible and buildable. Changing up the way your brand is represented is easy and obtainable.

You save time 

Drop shipping saves time. Between storing and shipping inventory, there is a lot of time that goes into supplying products. On the merchant end of things, this can be a stressful process–not to mention expensive. Eliminating this part of the process saves you time so that you can focus on other aspects of your business.

Social media marketing is a relatively easy means to market your business. In the long run, you’ll notice how much time you and your developers will save with a pre-set platform.

Increased offerings

Because you’re not producing the products, it’s easy to switch up your offerings. For consumers who like your brand and want to continue making purchases, new products on your website increase retention. Long-term customers are assets to your business’s well-being.

Because social media posts are shareable, there are a lot of opportunities to grow your brand and increase offerings.

Payment Processing for Dropshipping

Utilizing social media for your drop shipping business is vital to exist in the eCommerce space. Keeping your brand in the minds of consumers and potential customers can be a difficult feat. Factoring in the right strategy for your business will make all the difference.

Another important factor of your online business is securing a merchant account for drop shipping. Since you are running an eCommerce business, all of your payments will be received virtually. Therefore, debit and credit card processing capabilities are a must. 

However, drop shipping merchant services tend to be a high risk venture. Traditional banks shy away from most levels of risk and because drop shipping factors in different parties, they fear unfulfilled orders and chargebacks. Luckily there are merchant services companies that take the guesswork out of qualifying for a drop shipping merchant account. Payment processing is an important step of bringing a business to life, and needing a high-risk merchant account should not be a debilitating obstacle.

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