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Jocelyn Guardado

Content Strategist

As a Content Strategist, Jocelyn has made significant contributions to the PaymentCloud blog. She expertly covers topics like marketing strategies, SEO, social media tactics, eCommerce challenges, and more. She is dedicated to helping merchants seamlessly integrate payment solutions with their business operations.

Jocelyn completed her bachelor's degree in Business Marketing at California State University, Fullerton. She led diverse campaigns, effectively utilized social media for impactful event promotion, and cultivated meaningful audience engagement.

Starting her marketing journey in Los Angeles shortly after, Jocelyn strategically used social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter for event promotion company, DoLA. Her passion for marketing caught the attention of a music promotion company, Spaceland Presents—leading them to offer her a one-year position on their team.

Having started as a Customer Success Member, Jocelyn has gained hands-on experience with payments technology. Her skillset in assisting merchants has led her to understand the diverse needs of businesses. Driven by her commitment to supporting small- and mid-sized- businesses, she has consistently sought after roles centered around making resourceful content, leading her into a Content Coordinator position at PaymentCloud. Moving her way up to a Content Strategist, Jocelyn now manages a team of freelance writers and writing projects.

Jocelyn's prior positions at PaymentCloud, coupled with her extensive marketing background, have equipped her to craft tailored content for the modern entrepreneur. Her expertise lies in simplifying financial technologies into comprehensible content.


Jocelyn oversaw marketing campaigns during which she gained hands-on experience conducting surveys, analyzing trends, and researching competitors. Her past role in Customer Success allows her to utilize her in-depth knowledge of payment gateways, credit card payments, and eCommerce to craft content that resonates. She unpacks the intricate steps involved in integrating your payment gateway with a website and essential payment gateway security features. Through her content of API integrations and eCommerce optimization, Jocelyn provides a unique marketing perspective through a technical lens.


Jocelyn graduated from California State University of Fullerton with a bachelor’s degree in Business Marketing. Within those college years, Jocelyn was able to lead marketing initiatives inside and outside the classroom for Freehand Hotel, Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts, CSUF Psychology Club, Aperol Spritz, and more.

As an LA native, she possessed an understanding of the city’s vibrant music scene. This familiarity allowed her to promote events and concerts for Mac Demarco, Ty Segall, Desert Daze, 6lack, Shannon & the Clams, Cherry Glazerr, and Best Coast. Jocelyn has cultivated blog and social media content to bridge the gap between music artists and their listeners.

In 2020, her experience working at a snack startup led her to focus on audience development and community building. Her strong ties to Los Angeles and its residents have helped her in growing an audience and brand awareness.

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