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Are you looking to process checks, eChecks, and direct debits through your merchant account? Look no further! More than ever, businesses are looking to expand the types of payments they offer. And as we increasingly move toward a cashless and contactless world, businesses are looking for check processing solutions that will keep them ahead of the curve.


Whether you’re wondering if eCheck is safe, looking to accept ACH payments, or browsing for B2B solutions, find the resources you need to navigate check processing. Let this type of digital payment expand your business at any stage.

Most Recent Check Processing Articles

R53 ACH Return Code: Item and RCK Entry Presented for Payment

ACH transactions aren't always successful, some return with an error message, like ACH return code R53. The ACH network has a list of return codes…

A magnifying glass with 'error' written under it for ach return code 53.

R52 ACH Return Code: Stop Payment on Item Related to RCK Entry

Typically, Automated Clearing House (ACH) payments process smoothly—that is, unless ACH return code R52 stops a payment in its tracks. We know ACH return codes are among…

A business owner at their desk looking over paperwork after receiving R52 ach return code

R51 ACH Return Code: Item Related to RCK Entry Is Ineligible or RCK Entry Is Improper

If you've stumbled upon ACH return code R51, you're not alone. Of the many ACH return codes, R51 is a common issue, but it can…

five dollar bill with magnifying to identify issue with ACH return code R51

R50 ACH Return Code: State Law Affecting RCK Acceptance

Received ACH return code R50? Don't despair; PaymentCloud has you covered there! Automated Clearing House (ACH) payments are among the quickest ways to transfer funds…

someone filling out a check with money by them after an ach return code r50 came up on their last check

R47 ACH Return Code: Duplicate Enrollment

As a business in today's age, Automated Clearing House (ACH) payments are an important part of payment processing. With these types of transactions, there are…

A person stamping the word

R46 ACH Return Code: Invalid Representative Payee Indicator

The ACH Network offers a smooth, reliable payment processing method—that is, until ACH return code R46 stops a payment in its tracks. As one of…

woman answering headset to help merchant with ACH return code R46

How Long Does an ACH Transfer Take? ACH Transfer Times

ACH transfer times vary depending on the bank, with some banks processing ACH payments within 1-2 business days and others taking 3-6 business days. In…

two clocks on colored background measuring how long an ach transfer takes

R45 ACH Return Code: Invalid Individual Name or Company Name

If you're a merchant utilizing ACH processing and you've received ACH return code R45, you're in the right place. Because ACH return code R45 is…

woman holding piggy bank in her hands because she received ACH return code R45

What Is NACHA? Regulations, Compliance, and Benefits

If your business accepts or issues Automated Clearing House (ACH) payments, you should have an understanding of NACHA regulations. Businesses of all sizes rely on…

colorful blocks with people symbols on them scattered around and some formed in a group to represent nacha

R44 ACH Return Code: Invalid Individual ID Number or Identification Number

Being that it only applies to transactions associated with government bank accounts, ACH return code R44 is uncommon—but nonetheless, if you've received this code, you…

bank blocks communicating via ACH Network about ACH return code R44 against a bright blue background
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