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R62 ACH Return Code: Return of Erroneous or Reversing Debit

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ACH return code R62 is just one of the many ACH return codes that generate when an ACH transaction doesn’t go through. So, if you process ACH payments through a merchant account, you may receive a return code sooner or later. But what exactly are return codes?

Simply put, an ACH return code indicates that funds can’t be pulled from a customer’s account and put into yours. In other words, a transaction was unsuccessful. When you receive a return code, it contains a message telling you why the transaction couldn’t be completed. You may find a solution yourself, but for more complicated reason codes you may need assistance.

ACH payments are just one form of the many different types of electronic funds transfer options available to business owners. Other than ACH, you can also accept electronic payments through wire transfers. ACH and wire transfers may both be electronic means of fund transfers, but they do not work in the same manner. ACH transfers send money through the aptly-named ACH Network, only available to those within the United States. Meanwhile, wire transfers are also bank-to-bank transfers, but they can be made internationally.

Additionally, ACH transfer timelines are generally slower and take up to three days, whereas wire transfers can be received on the same day. Regarding security, ACH is the better option as you can reverse any unwanted transactions within the guidelines of the ACH reversal rules. And finally, when it comes to pricing, ACH transfer fees are notoriously low, while wire transfers can cost up to $20 for domestic transfers.

What Does ACH Return Code R62 Mean?

ACH return code R62 means that an unintended credit was given to the receiver as a result of the Originating Depository Financial Institution’s (ODFI) reversal process. This return code is less common, and can be used for two types of reversals:

  1. An unintended ACH debit entry and subsequent reversal credit entry are transmitted to the receiver’s account. In this case, the accidental debit entry is returned, with the credit reversing entry available to the receiver.
  2. Receiver accounts are credited for unintended credit entries; debits are reverted for unintended debit entries. In this case, credit erroneous entries are available to the receiver, but debit reversals are returned.

Note: All entries except IAT (International ACH Transaction) are eligible for this type of entry.

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Formal definition

Below is the formal definition for ACH return code R62: Return of Erroneous or Reversing Debit:

The Originator’s/ODFI’s use of the reversal process has resulted in or failed to correct, an
unintended credit to the receiver. May be used for all entries except IAT. Usage is limited to
the following two reversal scenarios: (1) A debit erroneous entry and a subsequent credit
reversing entry are both transmitted to the receiver’s account. The debit erroneous entry is
returned but the credit reversing entry is posted and made available to the receiver. (2) A credit
erroneous entry and a subsequent debit reversing entry are both transmitted to the receiver’s
account. The credit erroneous entry is posted and made available to the receiver, but the debit
reversing entry is returned.[1] “A Quick Reference Guide. ACH Return Reason Codes and Time Frames.” Accessed December 30, 2022.

Solutions to Fix R62 Return Code

To fix ACH return code R62, you must adhere to the reversal rules provided by the National Automated Clearing House Association (NACHA). You can reverse an ACH transaction in these cases:

  • A transfer amount was incorrect.
  • There’s an error in either of the account numbers, meaning the sender’s or recipient’s account numbers were incorrect.
  • There’s a duplicate transfer. (In this case, the duplicate is the only reversible transfer.)
  • The transfer date was wrong.

Banks must reverse these charges within five days if one of these errors occurs. Payees and billers cannot request reversals, only the payment sender can do this. As such, it is your customer’s responsibility to request the fix of ACH return code R62. Once they sort it out with the bank, you’ll be able to accept their payment. However, you can always reach out to the Receiving Depository Financial Institution (RDFI) or your ACH processor for assistance in the meantime.

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  1. “A Quick Reference Guide. ACH Return Reason Codes and Time Frames.” Accessed December 30, 2022.

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