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R63 ACH Return Code: Incorrect Dollar Amount

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If your business makes or receives ACH payments, you may already know that encountering an ACH return code R63 can create a snag in your cash flow.

In an ACH transaction, there are two parties involved: the Originating Depository Financial Institution and Receiving Depository Financial Institution. (For short, the ODFI and the RDFI.) The ODFI works with an ACH operator to facilitate transactions on behalf of the sender’s bank, while the RDFI accepts transactions on behalf of the receiver’s bank. It’s important for merchants to understand the roles of the ODFI and RDFI, as they may be involved in resolving underlying issues related to return codes—including ACH return code R63.

What Does ACH Return Code R63 Mean?

To start, ACH return codes generate when the RDFI initiates an ACH credit or debit entry to return a payment originally sent from the ODFI. Due to National Automated Clearing House Association (NACHA) operating guidelines, RDFIs can only initiate returns during specific periods. Additionally, recipients can request a return on payment by contacting their bank. This may occur if a recipient informs the RDFI that they didn’t initially give permission for a payment.

In particular, ACH return code R63 indicates that the dollar amount in the entry detail record of the return does not match the dollar amount of the original transaction. The RDFI sends return code R63 to communicate this error to the ODFI.

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Formal Definition

Below is the exact message for the ACH return code R63—Incorrect Dollar Amount:

The dollar amount in the Entry Detail Record of the return is different from the dollar amount of the original entry.

Solutions to Fix R63 Return Code

First, contact a member of ACH operations at the RDFI. Tell the agent that the dollar amount on the return the RDFI initiated doesn’t correspond with the dollar amount on the original transaction. Naturally, the agent may not know which transaction you’re referring to, so be sure to provide all necessary transaction details. After which, ask the agent if they can reverse the return. If that’s possible, you’ll then initiate a new return with the correct dollar amount. Once resolved, you’re ready to seamlessly accept ACH payments—free of any snags in your cash flow!

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