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Email Retargeting: What You Need to Get Started

email retargeting

Businesses everywhere are harnessing the power of email retargeting to capture customers who are already interested in their products. With an average cart abandonment rate of just under 70%, email retargeting is an effective way to entice potential customers to complete their checkout. Not only that, but it also instills more confidence in your product/service and could even convince them to repeat their purchase. Email remarketing can greatly boost conversion rates and thus, your bottom line. You don’t want to leave the possibility of 70% more business on the table. Read on to learn the power of a retargeting email and how you can implement them into your business.

What is Email Retargeting?

Email retargeting is the process of reaching out to a defined group of customers at the right time in the sales journey with content that will motivate them to act. Most consumers say marketing emails directly affect their decision to purchase a product or service. It’s essentially an email that redirects their attention to the product or service they viewed.

How does Email Retargeting Work?

email retargeting

The process of remarketing through emails has been used for many years. It involves creating various automated emails for a targeted audience after they have visited a website or specific product. For example, let’s say a customer visited your store, signed up for your newsletter, and viewed a pair of running sneakers. They then leave your website without purchasing it. A retargeting email would automatically go to that user showing them the pair of sneakers they viewed earlier. The email would remind them of their interest in the product and offer them a 10% discount on their purchase.

This email remarketing is highly effective. Not to mention, when you consider this personalized message and offer, if unused, triggers another email each day until the customer makes the purchase.

Why You Need to be Using Email Remarketing

Quite simply, you can’t afford NOT to use email remarketing. The competition is growing daily for businesses and many entities have already been using this marketing tactic for years. Not only that, but the increase in sales volume and repeat business is greatly amplified by using this system.

Now that you understand the need, let’s go into the specific types of retargeting emails worth considering.

3 Types of Retargeting Emails

As mentioned before, the beauty of a retargeting email is that you reach out to a specific audience (ideally your target market if you have one) during a certain part of the sales process. There are a variety of common situations where this type of email campaign can be utilized effectively. Let’s go over the three types of email retargeting now.

1. Card abandonment

It’s quite common to see visitors add a product to their cart, only to leave the site before purchasing. Some get cold feet after seeing all the extra fees or shipping. Or perhaps they become distracted. A cart abandonment retargeting email can help close the deal. They remind customers how close they are to obtaining this amazing item, offer an incentive such as free shipping or a discount code, and conveniently direct them back to the website to complete the transaction.

2. Renewal reminder

Say hello to your new best friend! These types of retargeting emails will remind your customers to renew their service or product subscription with you. They also remind users of the value it brings to their lives, establishing a window for recurring revenue.

3. Re-engagement

It’s much more expensive to try and obtain a new customer than it is to get repeat business from an existing one. A re-engagement email campaign is great at creating a loyal customer out of a one-time purchase client. You can send them a “welcome back” email and encourage them to visit your website again and see what’s new.

How to Implement Email Retargeting

email remarketing

Fortunately, it’s not very difficult to implement an email marketing strategy into your business. The first thing you will need to do is install a piece of remarketing code into an email. This code will track visitor information and behaviors via their browser cookies once they visit your website. Once the code is embedded, you’ll be able to see which of your visitors have not completed the checkout process. You’ll also be able to see data and pull metrics and reports on different types of user behavior. This will help you determine which customers will receive the retargeted emails.

Collect customer information

In order to retarget you need a list of subscribers. this is why it is essential to find ways to collect visitor information. You can do so through a pop-up with a coupon code for first-time purchases, through a newsletter subscribe form that promises a perk after signing up, or through various forms on our website. No matter which method you choose, you’ll need to abide by internet tracking laws for your region.

You will want to create different audience lists based on visitor behavior. You’ll also identify opportunities to convert them in the process. Based on this data, you can customize each email message in this particular audience list. Personalization in your content is key. In fact, not only can you personalize using the content you create, but you can use images of the product they last viewed. This is a powerful tool to utilize.

Create email strategies with goals in mind

Your retargeting email strategy should always be clearly thought out and have set goals that relate to each audience segment. For example, if you want to boost sales from cart abandonment, you’ll create a cart abandonment email with content compelling customers to come back. Encouraging customers to finish their purchase will increase your bottom line. Likewise, setting clear goals and expectations that fuel powerful content creation will lead to much better results.

It’s Time to Take Action

In today’s world, most consumers prefer to be contacted via email. So why not reach your audience using their preferred communication method today? It is important to appeal to your audience through online means as much as possible. Make sure you’re up to date on their online preferences so you can deliver an effective message.

As a business owner, finding ways to minimize costs and increase profits is a great method in achieving success. Take advantage of email retargeting and send a perfectly curated message to audiences that have already been to your website. Leverage the power of personalized, automated emails and you can quickly turn your eCommerce business into a superpower. Start crafting your emails today and make this year the best yet!

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