CV Error Code: Card Type Verification Error

If you accept card payments for your business, you may come across a CV error. The overwhelming majority of your credit card transactions will succeed and your customer will leave with the products they want. However, there are a few instances where a transaction won’t go through. In these cases, your credit card terminal will return one of many hold, decline, or error codes as a response. Understanding what this error code means and how to handle these situations can help you troubleshoot the issue for your customer and prevent you from missing out on a sale.

What is a Card Type Verification Error

The card type verification error, also called the CV error, means the type of card being used is not supported. It may mean your account does not allow you to accept payments of this type. These errors are most common with American Express and Discover cards. If not, this error could also indicate an issue with your merchant account.

The CV: card type verification error may also occur because of a CVV error. There may have been a problem during the CVVs/CID verification process. Perhaps the code was incorrect or mistyped. Whatever the issue, it occurred at the verification step of the payment process.

What is an Error Code?

cv error

An error code is a terminal message that indicates there was an issue when running a customer card. There are many possible reasons for a payment failure. An error code helps merchants better identify why the transaction could not go through.

Typically, the merchant receives limited information about why the payment failed. It’s often the card-issuing bank that will know the exact reason. Still, a merchant can use the error code information to determine some possible reasons for the issue. From here, they can try to troubleshoot and identify possible solutions to allow the customer to complete their purchase.

How to Clear a CV Error Code

If you get the card type verification error when attempting to process a payment, you have a few options. You can try to process the transaction after double-checking with the customer that the CVV2 or CID code was correct.

If it was correct, try completing the transaction without entering the CVV2 or CID number. That should let the transaction process normally. If this does not correct the issue, you may need to contact your merchant account provider. They can double-check your account to ensure it’s set up for this specific type of card.

In these cases, you can ask your customer for another form of payment while you work out the problem.

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