Error Code 96: System Error

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If you’re running a credit or debit card for a customer, you may see error code 96 on your terminal screen. For the most part, the process of accepting credit and debit cards is seamless and easy. However, sometimes when you attempt to process a payment, you’ll receive an error code. Error code 96 is one of many credit card decline codes you may come across when a payment does not go through. Read on to find out more about system error 96 and how to clear it.

Possible Reasons You’re Receiving System Error 96

One of the errors you might receive when attempting to process a credit card payment is decline code 96. The error code 96: System Error response indicates that the customer’s card issuer is having a hard time processing the payment. This normally means the card issuer is having a system malfunction that is causing the transaction attempt to fail.

What is an Error Code?

decline code 96 system error

When a payment fails, the customer’s bank, payment network, or the payment processor will return an error code. The specific error number will provide a description of why the payment did not go through. Using this insight, you can find potential solutions to help your customer complete their transaction without losing the sale.

Your merchant account processor will typically give you a reference guide to these error codes as well as the numerous credit card decline codes. You should keep this guide in a handy spot to reference in the event that a payment fails. Some of the error codes and details are very straightforward and make it easy to find potential workarounds. However, there are other errors that can be vague and difficult to troubleshoot. Now, let’s discuss error code 96 specifically.

How to Resolve Error Code 96

Error 96 is an error code that is a bit more difficult to diagnose. While the reason for the system error 96 originates from the customer’s card issuer, the problem may actually be with your credit card terminal.

To resolve the error code 96, first, try to run the transaction again through the machine. Make sure that you wait at least another minute or two before attempting the transaction for the second time. If it goes through after this, then you’ve solved the problem. Sometimes it’s just a simple system error with the terminal that caused the problem.

If the second attempt also ends with a payment failure, the customer may need to contact their issuing bank. Inform them of this and ask whether they’d like to call their issuer now or use a different method of payment to complete the transaction.

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