Error Code 91: Issuer or Switch Inoperative

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When you accept credit or debit cards, there’s a chance you may come across error code 91 in your credit card terminal. Every year, millions of customers make online and in-store purchases with a credit card. Unfortunately, not all card transactions go through. When credit cards decline, the terminal will produce one of many error, hold, or credit card decline codes. One such code is error code 91. Also known as “issuer or switch inoperative”, it’s a common issue. It is important to learn not only what error code 91 means, but how to fix it. Read on to learn what error code 91 means and how to resolve an issuer or switch inoperative code.

Issuer or Switch Inoperative Error Code

If you find yourself in a situation where you see error code 91, it means issuer or switch inoperative. In simpler terms, this means that the card issuer was unavailable. For some reason, the credit card terminal you’re using could not contact the issuing bank. and thus, could not authorize the transaction. When this happens, your customer may be confused.

What is an Error Code?

error code 91 issuer or switch inoperative

When a credit card transaction fails, the terminal produces a credit card decline code. This code tells you the reason for the decline. Users can look up each specific code and discover what it means. Credit card issuing banks are also required to provide a list of common codes for reference.

Knowing what each error code means is important for businesses because it helps you help your customer. Understanding how to resolve these issues for your customer helps you troubleshoot and keep the checkout process efficient.

How to Fix Error Code 91 on Your Terminal

If your card reader displays this decline code, there’s no need to worry. Figuring out how to fix error code 91 is fairly simple and straightforward. Simply running the card again will clear the issue in most cases. If the bank is still unavailable to approve the attempted purchase, then the customer will need to call the issuing bank and find out the problem directly from them.

It’s important to note you should wait approximately 15 minutes before running the credit card again. This gives the issuing bank enough time to correct the error. It also ensures the customer’s card is not charged twice for the same transaction.

While initially receiving an error code 91 from the payment processor can raise an eyebrow, it’s easily fixable. With the knowledge and tools necessary to understand and resolve the issuer or switch inoperative message, you can quickly troubleshoot for your customer. Don’t lose sales! Assist your customers with the best course of action to take, and continue with checkout.

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