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R76 ACH Return Code: No Errors Found

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ACH return code R76 is one of the many ACH return codes merchants receive while processing ACH payments. Each code indicates a specific reason why a transaction was returned. However, these reason codes are difficult to interpret because they are written in bank-relative terms. In this guide, we’ll clarify return code R76 for you so that you can resolve it.

A 404 error message on a computer to represent ACH return code R76.

To start, within ACH transactions, there are two kinds of transfers—ACH credit transfers and ACH debit transfers. A debit transfer means that the payee (the bank account to which the funds are being transferred) requests funds from a financial institution or bank. While an ACH credit transfer means the payer (the bank account from which the funds are being drawn) requests the payment.

The ACH network, governed by a larger organization called the NACHA, connects all financial institutions in the United States. Under NACHA, financial institutions called the RDFI and the ODFI are responsible for handling ACH return codes and facilitating an ACH transfer. Put simply, each ACH transaction begins at the ODFI and ends at the RDFI.

What Does ACH Return Code R76 Mean?

When you receive return code R76, an RDFI is contesting a previously dishonored return entry from the ODFI. This means that the original return didn’t have any of the errors stated in ACH return code R69. Essentially, the ODFI first dishonored a return because the original transaction had either an incorrect DFI number, original entry trace number, dollar amount, individual identification number/identification number, transaction code, company identification number, or effective entry date. The RDFI is challenging the dishonored return because it believes there is no error.

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Formal definition

We formally define ACH return code R76—No Errors Found as:

The original return entry did not contain the errors indicated by the ODFI in the dishonored return entry. This code may be used by the RDFI to contest a dishonored return entry from the ODFI that used Return Reason Code R69 (Field Errors).

Solutions to Fix R76 Return Code

To fix ACH return code R76, you’ll need to contact the RDFI. Get in touch with the ACH department and inquire about the status of the transaction. Let them know about the R76 return code you received and give them any other transaction details. They’ll likely tell you how long to wait before it’s fixed or explain what caused the return code. In either case, the RDFI will fix the error as soon as possible so you can get back to accepting ACH payments at your business!

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