What Are Integrated Payment Systems & How Do They Work?

It seems like every integrated payment solution works with just about any software these days, and for good reason: it makes doing business easy. Integrations act like tiny bridges between two different software applications so that they can exchange information securely. A well-equipped payment gateway offers the ability to interconnect your payment processing services with your other operations, allowing you to enjoy the ease of automation and cost savings of an integrated payment system. If you’re interested in streamlining your business operations, read on to learn about how integrated payment systems work.

What Are Integrated Payments?

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An integrated payment system is a payment processing solution that allows you to centralize and streamline your business operations. With the help of a merchant services provider, you can implement a payment integration method that connects your payment processing with various operating systems such as accounting software, eCommerce storefronts, inventory management tools, payroll services, and customer relationship management software. In short, by integrating your payment system with these other systems, you can manage your business efficiently, reduce human error, and gain valuable analytical insight.

How Do Integrated Payment Systems Work?

Payment system integrations are available through your payment gateway. A payment gateway is a technology that processes transactions and transmits transaction information to the acquiring and issuing banks. To explain the process, a customer inputs their payment details on the eCommerce platform, which uses the payment integration channel to communicate with the payment gateway and transmit the card information. Because this technology enables the secure exchange of data, payment gateways can offer integration capabilities that link payment services with other operating applications.

Why Would a Business Need an Integrated Payment System?

Integrated payment systems offer businesses the convenience of keeping their current software while being able to connect new platforms and services. This means businesses don’t need to undergo a big software overhaul to access a comprehensive operations hub.

Benefits of Integrating Payments

The benefits of integrating your eCommerce platform and payment processing are countless, but let’s count a few:

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Improved Cash Flow

Manual accounting drastically slows invoicing and payment processing. This can cause costly delays that stagnate cash flow. Meanwhile, an integrated payment system allows a business to process invoices and clear payment transactions in almost real time.

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Increased Security

One of the biggest benefits of using a payment gateway is the level of security it provides for your payment processing. Because the payment gateway’s integration feature upholds its robust data encryption and tokenization systems, you can rest assured that your data remains secure through safe payment integrations.

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Better Data Management

An integrated payments system streamlines payments and all the data that comes with them. You’ll be able to look at trends, seasonality, customer behavior, and so much more at a single glance. With all this information at your fingertips, you can make more informed decisions, take advantage of more opportunities, and map out better long-term strategies for your business.

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Reduced Costs

Entering payment information into an accounting system by hand is time-consuming. In the past, this represented hundreds of work hours. An integrated payment solution automates nearly all data entry. With accounting and bookkeeping services reduced, you can reallocate resources to other parts of your business operations.

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Faster Access to Transaction Funds

Integrations allow you to process transactions immediately. Processing payments efficiently means getting paid faster and moving your business forward without getting caught up in red tape.

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Reduced Likelihood of Human Error

As humans, we all know mistakes are inevitable. But an integrated payment solution automates the transfer of your data into the platforms where it’s needed. This can greatly reduce the occurrence of human error.

How to Find the Right Integrated Payment Solution

When it comes to selecting an integrated payment solution for your business, you don’t have to do it alone. By seeking guidance from a merchant services provider, you can benefit from their expertise and be recommended the best payment gateway for your specific business operations. Additionally, one of the key advantages of partnering with an eCommerce merchant services provider is that they can refer you to advanced payment solutions that integrate seamlessly with your existing software systems. To put it simply: If integrated payment systems make life easy—which they do—a merchant services provider makes life even easier.

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