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Sarah A. Lybrand

Sarah A. Lybrand writes about business, finance, tech, manufacturing, health & sciences, as well as arts & culture. Her work has appeared in a variety of industrial and consumer outlets including Yahoo!, Narratively, Bust Magazine, MotherFigure, MyFinancial Counsel, The London Economic, Affect Magazine, LinkedIn Communications, Chief Learning Officer, Learning Solutions Magazine and others, both under her own byline as well as aliases.

In her former role as a television and film producer in New York and Los Angeles, Sarah’s bevy of entertainment credits in non-fiction programming span scripting, field production, story development, and talent management, for networks such as Discovery Channel, History, SyFy, and A&E. Notable producer credits include the documentary, Meatloaf: In Search of Paradise, the docu-drama, Who Killed Chandra Levy? (Discovery/Apple), the speculative pop-sci doc, When Aliens Attack (Discovery), and the Long Island psychic reality show, Mary Knows Best (SyFy).


Ms. Lybrand's career has offered a range of professional reporting – from interviewing top experts to profiling small businesses and community leaders to distilling dense technical jargon for businesses into impactful thought leadership.

In her role as a content and video producer for Yahoo! Finance, Ms. Lybrand produced several high-rated web series’ including Savvy Spender, Destination: Home, and the webby-nominated show, Financially Fit, featuring finance celebrity Farnoosh Torabi (and reaching 2+million followers each week). Top sponsors included Capital One, Bank of America, and Ford Motor Company.

From there, Sarah went on to launch several marketing and editorial content teams for tech start-ups like Grovo (now Cornerstone), SellWhenever, and others to produce quality sales and marketing assets across a range of industries.


Originally from the Pacific Northwest, Sarah received her B.A. from Pitzer College with a degree in Sociology and Media Studies. She writes and resides on the eastern shores of Long Island, New York, but will always call Portland, Oregon home—and NYC her heart.

You can find Ms. Lybrand’s writing on Medium, Narratively, Bust, MotherFigure, Yahoo!, The Tatterhead Review, as well as her printed poetry in the haiku anthology, Better Than Starbucks. As well, you can find her work on a variety of industrial blogs where she writes about finance, healthcare, and manufacturing for small businesses and Fortune 500 companies.

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