High Risk

A high-risk business is any business that operates within an industry that is considered risky or unsafe. Any business that has a higher than average risk of financial failure may be considered high risk, which depends on factors like location, industry type, local culture, and the age of the business.

Learn everything you need to know about navigating your high-risk business. From understanding how banks deal with high-risk businesses to learning how to stay off the MATCH list, utilize our resources and stay prepared for the road ahead.

Most Recent High Risk Articles

Understanding Up-Front Reserves as a High-Risk Merchant

Before providing payment processing services to a business, a financial institution may request an up-front reserve. While there are several different types of reserves, up-front…

A piggy bank with money against a purple background to represent an upfront reserve as a savings account

Understanding Capped Reserves as a High-Risk Merchant

If you manage a high-risk business in today's market, capped reserves are important to understand. While often viewed in a negative light, reserves can actually…

A man with a calculator figuring out his capped reserve amount

What Is a High-Risk Payment Gateway? A Quick Merchant Guide

When it comes to high-risk payment gateways, the high-risk descriptor can be a bit misleading, as these are the most secure available gateways in today's…

A latte next to a laptop at desk being used to search high-risk payment gateway

High-Risk Merchant Accounts with Instant Approval: Do They Exist?

Lofty promises of instant approval for a high-risk merchant account sound good—maybe too good to be true? High-risk businesses face stricter underwriting standards, thus longer…

A clock and money on a pink background for a merchant wanting a high-risk merchant account instant approval.

WooCommerce High-Risk Payment Gateway & Merchant Account

Many merchants utilizing WooCommerce for their online store must integrate a payment gateway with their high-risk merchant account to effectively initiate their eCommerce payment processing.…

A laptop visiting an eCommerce shop that's using a high-risk merchant account on woocommerce

What Is a High-Risk Transaction? A Full Breakdown with Examples

High-risk transactions include any credit card payment associated with an elevated possibility of financial loss. Because they come in many forms, it can be difficult…

dice spelling out

Your Guide to High-Risk Merchant Account Fees & Rates in 2024

Intended to offset the financial exposure associated with servicing high-risk businesses, high-risk merchant account fees are typically more costly than traditional merchant account fees. And…

A calculator next to an arrow going up and a magnifying glass for the high-risk merchant account fees

How to Sell Glass Pipes Legally & Start an Online Smoke Shop

Starting a smoke shop comes with its own set of risks and legal considerations. Adding an online component to your business can introduce additional steps…

Blue, dropship bong on a pink background.

Venmo Payment Declined? Why It Happens and What to Do

In the event of a Venmo payment decline, it can be difficult to pinpoint the underlying issue preventing the payment from going through. When you…

A person in front of a blue background pushing a button on a smartphone to fix a Venmo payment decline

PayPal Money on Hold? What to Do When Paypal Limits Your Funds

As one of the most widely used payment systems in the world, the all-too-common event of PayPal money on hold, or "frozen funds," is an…

brunette woman checking paypal mobile app on smartphone to find paypal money on hold
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