Is your business suffering from an influx of chargebacks? While they’re a common side effect of running a business, chargebacks can have devastating results when it comes to credit card processing and keeping your merchant account.

This is precisely why it’s vital to understand what a chargeback is, the effect it has on your business, and how you can eliminate the risk of chargebacks in the future. Here you’ll find the resources you need to stop chargebacks from negatively affecting your business.

Most Recent Chargebacks Articles

How to Dispute a Wells Fargo Chargeback: A guide for Merchants

If you're a merchant utilizing business banking services at Wells Fargo, it's imperative you understand how to dispute a chargeback with Wells Fargo—because they will…

business owner filing a chargeback dispute at wells fargo

How to Fight and Win a Credit Card Chargeback Dispute in 6 Steps

If left unchecked, chargeback disputes can damage your business's reputation, even putting your merchant account at risk of termination. And chargebacks are becoming an ever-increasing…

a businessman in a suit with boxing gloves to fight a chargeback dispute

Fair Credit Billing Act: What Is It and Who Does It Protect?

The Fair Credit Billing Act (FCBA) is known for providing a range of consumer protections, including the ability to file chargebacks on unauthorized charges. However,…

an umbrella over stacks of money to show that the fair credit billing act protects consumers

What Is a Chargeback? The Ultimate Chargeback Guide for Merchants

There is a range of risks associated with accepting credit card payments at your business, a major one of which is the event of chargebacks.…

businesswoman looking at reports showcasing chargebacks

A Complete Guide to Chargeback Reason Codes for Merchants

Card networks—the most notable of which are American Express, Discover, Mastercard, and Visa—notify merchants of chargebacks by issuing corresponding chargeback reason codes. These codes outline…

businesswoman sitting at a desk and reading chargeback reason codes report

Understanding Friendly Fraud Chargebacks and How to Prevent Them

Friendly fraud, a type of chargeback fraud, is one of the contributing factors to the more than $32b worth of annual payment card fraud throughout…

person holding a credit card and filing a chargeback, leading to a case of friendly fraud

What Is a Chargeback Rate? How to Manage & Reduce your Chargeback Ratio

Managing chargebacks and reducing your chargeback rate (also known as chargeback ratio) is one of the most challenging elements in running a business. A chargeback…

Man, holding credit card, searching on his laptop about chargeback rate

Chargeback vs Refund: What's the Difference?

When it comes to reversing charges, there can be confusion between a chargeback and a refund. Understanding these differences is important for maintaining good consumer…

a folded stack of dollar bills on a green background place by someone thinking over chargeback vs refund

What Is an Authorization Hold? Everything You Need to Know

An authorization hold is a valuable tool used to verify if a customer has enough funds to cover a transaction. Many everyday businesses use holds.…

man holding credit card for authorization

What to Know About the Dreaded Chargeback Fee

One of the biggest upsides to being a cash-only establishment is the reduced risk of the chargeback fee. However, if you think your business can…

what is a chargeback fee
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