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Delaney Mann

Delaney Mann currently writes for PaymentCloud, where she covers payments, business, accounting, and finance. In addition to this role, Delaney owns a marketing company, Lavendai Creative. Prior to her entrepreneurial ventures, she served as the Director of Communications at Payment Logistics, teaching her the ins and outs of the payments industry. Her work has appeared in Authority Magazine, Sales & Marketing Management, SellingPower, Thrive Global, and other notable publications.

Delaney attended the University of San Diego, where she earned a BBA in Marketing and a BBA in Finance, and the University of Oxford where she obtained a PGDip in Strategy and Innovation from the Saïd Business School.

After her studies in England, Delaney moved to the Netherlands where she started a personal blog and social media channels documenting the experience of living abroad. Her channels reach an average of 2 million people monthly, keeping her quite entertained with viewer stories of travel mishaps, cultural disconnects, and commiserating with the unique, yet shared experiences we all face in new life phases.


An experienced writer and marketer, Delaney has worked with companies of all ages and stages. From pre-funding startups to established billion-dollar software companies, Delaney knows a thing or two, because she’s seen a thing or two. Her passion and expertise lie in our shared humanity, and as such, she loves writing about successes, failures, common pitfalls, and beyond to help business owners and managers navigate their way through each anticipated phase, question, or setback.


Delaney started her career as a financial analyst in the payments industry, reading and writing quotes, contracts, and hearing first-hand about the confusion the industry presents to businesses. She watched as many business owners fell victim to shady practices and found a soft spot for business owners who felt overwhelmed by the industry and its intricacies. As such, she made it a piece of her mission to help as many small-to-midsized businesses as she could avoid the same fate. That’s why she now writes for PaymentCloud, an industry leader.

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