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Invoice funding is relief for businesses.

Invoice financing--also called invoice funding or invoice loans-- allows a business owner to obtain a sum of money by using their unpaid invoices as collateral. Oftentimes, it can take 30, 60, or 90 days to collect payment on an invoice. This can greatly hinder a business that needs immediate working capital.

With invoice loans, you, the business owner, can obtain capital quickly through an advance from an invoice lending provider. This type of asset based loan lets you use the cash for business expenses now as you wait to pay off the loan as the invoices get settled over the next 30-90 days. Usually, the invoice finance provider will give you between 75-80% of the total amount of the invoice(s) to use for your business’ needs.

Invoice financing opens up a world of opportunities for businesses that rely heavily on invoicing to obtain cash flow.

Financing secured for our clients


Financing secured for our clients

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Business we’ve helped grow

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Lending Experience

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Average funding time

Benefits of Invoice Loans

Why would you choose invoice financing over other options? Here are a few of the most valuable points:.

  1. You don't need to have a high business credit score
  2. Young businesses can utilize invoice lending
  3. Applications are quick and easy
  4. Fast cash is provided once documents are filed
  5. There is no traditional debt to repay
  6. Helps build business credit
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Invoice Funding is a Secure Alternative Funding Option

It’s no secret that small business owners need an alternative to traditional loans. They need more flexibility and less risk to continue expanding, which is exactly what invoice financing is good for.

How Invoice Financing Companies Work

Getting invoice loans is not a complicated process. Follow these 5 steps to get it started:

  1. Create an invoice for your client(s) as you normally would. Always make sure to include your payment terms.
  2. Contact an invoice lending provider and apply to sell your invoices to them. Invoice finance services will review the invoice you created and the financing terms and if you are approved, you will sign an agreement.
  3. Once the invoice funding agreement is signed, you will receive the approved percentage of your invoices. This is the first payment you will receive and it will be sent as an ACH payment to the business bank account. The money takes 2-3 business days to receive. If you need the cash faster, you may be able to request a wire transfer. The invoice lending provider will reach out to your customers at this step and notify them of how and where to make payments.
  4. Once the invoices are due, the customer will pay their balance to the invoice finance service, who will collect the money and hold it in a reserve. As the business owner, you will be able to monitor this activity through an online portal.
  5. Based on how long it took the customer to pay and any fees incurred for the invoice finance services, a portion of the amount in the reserve will be given to the business as their second payment.

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Do I Qualify for Invoice Financing?

In general, invoice financing companies will look to work with business owners that have accounts receivable of $50k and up. That doesn't mean that there aren't exceptions. Providers may work with businesses that have a lower amount, it all depends on each unique scenario.

If you have bad credit, that is not a problem as invoice finance services are looking at the creditworthiness of the customer who needs to pay the invoice rather than the business owner.

Figuring out how to get a small business loan and set yourself up for success is what we’re here to help you with. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us today for more information.

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