Error Code 14: Invalid Card Number

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If you run a credit card and see an error code pop up, it may be error code 14. Oftentimes when you get an error code, it’s because of a problem with the credit card issuer. Depending on the situation, the error code you see may be the difference between making the sale and having to turn the customer away. One code that appears more often than not is error code 14, which denotes an invalid card number. Read on to learn more about what error codes are, what credit card error code 14 means, and how to resolve it.

Invalid Card Number: What Does It Mean?

You may be asking yourself, what is an error code 14? Error code 14 simply means an invalid card number was entered. It is one of the most common error codes that appear and one of the easiest to fix. It often means the terminal user made a small mistake when keying in the card information, and one or more digits are incorrect.

The invalid number could be the actual credit card number, expiration date, zip code, or CVV. Whichever number it is, error code 14 signals it has been incorrectly entered.

What is an Error Code?

credit card error code 14 invalid card number

When a payment processor cannot process a transaction, they return a credit card decline code, hold code, or error code.

There are several reasons why a credit card transaction may fail to go through, each with its own corresponding code. Error codes help terminal users because they can look up the code, find out the cause of the error or decline, and use that information to figure out the best solution.

Some common causes for error codes include fraudulent activity, running a card several times in a short period, incorrect information, or other similar issues. If you accept credit and debit cards, you must arm yourself with the knowledge of how to handle error codes so you can help your customers and complete your sales.

How to Clear Your Error Code 14

Clearing credit card error code 14 is very easy to do. Simply re-enter the credit card number carefully and accurately, and the error code should not come up again. With the right card number, the transaction can now go through and you can complete the sale. Compared to other error codes, this is a quick fix. Many result in a customer being unable to purchase their item until they speak with their card issuer.

If your payment processor declined a transaction due to error code 14, there is no need to fret. Now you know what an error code is and just how to resolve it. With this information, you can guide your customer as you resolve the problem with ease.

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