Error Code 15: No Such Issuer

As a merchant who processes credit cards, you may come across error code 15. Unfortunately, not all credit card transactions successfully go through as intended. When a payment method declines, your terminal will return one of many hold, error, or decline codes. Receiving one of these codes can upset your customer and potentially cost you a sale. Knowing and understanding what each error means can help you troubleshoot the issue for your customers. Read on to learn what error code 15 means and how to resolve a No Such Issuer credit card error for your customers.

What is Error Code 15?

In the case of error code 15, this is a “no such issuer” message. While this may seem a bit daunting at first, the no such issuer credit card error is rather common and easy to resolve.

Reasons you’re receiving ‘No Such Issuer’ error code

Receiving error code 15 tells you the card number was entered incorrectly. To be more specific, it means the first number is incorrect. Each major credit card provider has its own number that every card they issue must start with. Here is a list of each credit card carrier and their first numbers:

  • 3 – American Express
  • 4 – Visa
  • 5 – Mastercard
  • 6 – Discover

What is an Error Code?

a person using their credit card on a terminal that shows error code 15

An error code is a message your payment terminal will show if a transaction cannot go through. This code corresponds to a meaning that will help you determine what the problem is. Error codes can come from your payment processor or your customer’s card issuing bank. An error code tells you the card cannot go through and you must clear up the issue to proceed with the sale. If not, the customer will not be able to purchase the goods they intended to buy. Many times, you’ll be able to solve the error yourself. However, in some cases, you may have to take further action.

How to Clear Your Error Code 15

If you or your customer receive an error code 15 credit card alert, there is no need to fret. You can easily clear the “no such issuer” warning by carefully re-entering the card number. Take extra care to ensure the first digit is correct and matches the number on the card. If the card in your hand doesn’t start with a number 3-6, this is evidence of a larger issue and you should handle it accordingly.

To make sure your customer can quickly and efficiently complete their purchase, make sure to keep a copy of the most common error codes handy. Error code 15 credit card declines are easy to resolve. Now that you know how to clear this error code, you can effectively help your customer if the issue arises.

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