Decline Code 65: What Does It Mean?

When you are accepting credit and debit cards, you may come across decline code 65. If you get a decline code when processing a credit card transaction, you need to note the number. The number or code represents the reason for the decline. Credit card payments may not go through because the issuing bank declined the translation, an error occurred during processing, or the card-issuing bank placed a hold on the card because of fraudulent activity. It’s important to understand credit card decline codes and their meaning so you can help resolve any issue for your customer. Read on to learn what credit card declined code 65 means and how to clear it.

Possible Reasons You’re Receiving a Decline Code 65

When you process a credit card and receive a decline code 65, it means that the customer exceeded his or her credit limit. If not, it means they have reached the maximum number of permitted transactions for a given period.

A payment processor may confuse a declined 65 code with code 51, which means the card has insufficient funds. In either case–whether the card reads declined 65 or 51–the cardholder’s card has reached or exceeded the amount they can use for credit. For instance, even a small purchase can bring the credit card holder over the credit limit. If a customer’s credit limit is $500, and they spend $5.01 but owe $495, they cannot use the card.

What is a Decline Code?

When you get a decline code, it usually means the issuing bank has declined the transaction for one of many reasons. Typically, a decline code will appear when the card is:

credit card declined code 65
  • Expired
  • Canceled by the cardholder
  • Over its credit limit
  • Behind on monthly payments
  • Subject to fraud
  • Incorrectly entered (the card number, date, CVV)
  • Damaged
  • Run through a faulty terminal

When you receive decline code 65, you should request the customer call their bank to resolve the issue. You can also ask them to present another card or alternative form of payment.

How to Resolve Your Credit Card Decline Card 65

To resolve a credit card declined code 65, you need to ask the customer to either reach out to their card company or the issuing bank or present another form of payment. In the meantime, hold their items or them or suggest they come back at a later date to complete the purchase. Make sure to be courteous and discreet as a credit card decline can be a confusing and embarrassing ordeal.

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