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R13 ACH Return Code: Invalid Routing Number

ach return code r13

Before understanding an ACH return code R13, it is important to go over what an Automated Clearing House (ACH) transfer is. An ACH transfer can make up a lot of a modern business’s transactions. Different forms of payment come with different checks and balances to ensure both the business and its customers have a safe and secure transaction. When it comes to ACH payments, return codes are in place to protect both parties. First and foremost, take a look at the various ACH return codes. This list details all the possible error codes and what they mean.

What does ACH Return Code R13 Mean?

ach return code r13

ACH payments are electronic bank to bank transfers for businesses based within the United States. ACH return codes appear when the ACH was unable to successfully collect funds from the customer’s account. The three-character code notes the specific reason.

ACH return code R13 indicates the transaction includes an invalid ACH routing number. The transaction stands incomplete and funds are not secured. The invalid ACH routing number may be the result of a simple typo or may indicate an incorrect routing number was provided. Either way, the routing number must be examined and the correct routing number must be provided for a successful ACH transfer.

Formal Definition

ACH Return Code R13 – Invalid ACH Routing Number: The Entry contains a Gateway Identification or Receiving DRI Identification that is not a valid ACH routing number.

Solutions to Fix R13 Return Code

When the R13 ACH return code appears, remain calm. The bank routing number may be incorrect due to something as simple as a typo. Therefore the merchant should double-check that the routing number on the ACH payment matches the routing number provided by the customer. Additionally, most bank routing numbers can be verified by the specified bank’s website. If the routing number is not provided by the bank online, the merchant should call the respective bank to verbally confirm the routing number.

If the routing number does not match the number provided by the customer or verified by the bank, simply resubmit the ACH payment with the correct number. If the problem persists, contact the associated payment processor for further assistance while also informing the customer that the transaction has not been completed.

From time to time all businesses experience ACH return codes that indicate an incomplete transaction. Remember that these codes are put in place to protect both the customer and the business. When businesses are fluent in ACH terms they are better equipped to handle these hiccups in a timely, professional, and customer courteous manner. There are over 80 different ACH return codes for merchants to understand. An in-depth understanding of what the various ACH return codes and how to manage them will help keep ACH payment processing as smooth and easy as possible.

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