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PaymentCloud helps your restaurant keep customers happy by providing fast and convenient payment options.
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Merchant Services for Restaurants and Bars

To accept credit cards , restaurants need a merchant account. When it comes to choosing a merchant service provider there are a wide variety of solutions. Broaden what payment methods you accept and instantly expand your sales potential.

PaymentCloud offers point-of-sale systems (POS) for in-person transactions, eCommerce solutions for takeout, delivery, and curbside orders, as well as mobile processing solutions that turn any mobile device into a POS by attaching a mobile card reader.

Does a Restaurant Need a Merchant Account?

In short, yes. In order to accept credit cards, you must have a merchant account with a bank or other financial institution that issues credit cards. Your merchant account acts as the middleman who processes these transactions. By accepting cards you not only welcome more customers into your business but also see greater transactions.

Note: Did you know consumers paying by credit usually spend more than customers who pay with cash or debit?

Why Restaurants Choose PaymentCloud

With PaymentCloud, you can accept credit cards from anywhere in just a few simple steps. Whether you’re looking to accept card payments in person or accommodate online to-go orders, curbside pickup , or delivery, accepting credit and debit card payments is crucial for a modern business. PaymentCloud is a top-tier merchant service offering the utmost protection, digital solutions, and exceptional customer support.

We put you first

PaymentCloud is here to put the needs of you and your business first. It’s our job to make accepting credit card payments quick and hassle-free. Our staff offers 24/7 merchant support for whatever your business may need. Dedicated account managers are here to help you with approval, underwriting, setup, security, and any questions you may have along the way.

You can pick the tools and solutions that work best for your restaurant, or we can help you figure out what you need if you’re not sure. As an experienced and recognized merchant service provider, we prioritize helping your business run efficiently while maintaining safety during every transaction.

Secure processing

At PaymentCloud, we offer secure credit card processing. Whether you’re looking for EMV compliance , PCI compliance , encryption, or SSL certificates you will have access to vital technology that keeps your business and your customers’ private information safe throughout every transaction.

Latest POS systems for restaurants

If your restaurant is looking to accept digital payments in-house, it’s time to invest in a point-of-sale system (POS). A POS system is essential for physically accepting credit and debit card payments in your restaurant. This system goes beyond your traditional credit card machine or terminal’s functionality. With top-of-the-line software, our POS systems give you the ability to accept payments anywhere in your restaurant – at the table, at the door, and even online! More so you can split checks, print receipts, check inventory, and view sales data. The convenience of a quality POS system makes transactions easier for customers, employees, and you.

Simple Online Ordering for Curbside Pickup

Let your customers order their favorite dishes in advance. With PaymentCloud, you can accept and process orders online for no additional cost, making your restaurant stand out while giving your customers the convenience they want.

PaymentCloud Integrates with the Hardware you Already Use

Already own a restaurant POS system? PaymentCloud easily reprograms it for you so you don’t have to buy a new system or learn a new software. We integrate with all the major POS systems, making your transition smooth and effortless.

Guaranteed fast deposits

Customers pay instantly, and the entire secure process is completed and deposited into your business account within 24-48 hours. It’s that simple, a large range of chosen payment methods, instantaneous acceptance, and the utmost secure processing. Smooth and easy every step of the way.

Competitive pricing

Credit and debit cards pay for the majority of restaurant transactions in the modern market. Offering cashless payment processing is something your business needs. We know that and we’re here to help, not to take advantage. That’s why PaymentCloud offers reasonable fees so you can accept credit cards and still keep the majority of your business’s profits in your pockets. We use an honest and transparent pricing schedule so you’ll know exactly how much your services cost without any hidden fees.

You can easily apply for a PaymentCloud merchant account in just a few minutes. No application or activation fees. With our fast application system and 98% approval rating, your business can start accepting in person payments in a flash.

No Long Term Contracts Required

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