More Businesses are Choosing Digital Payments – Find Out Why

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As business processes turn increasingly digital, it’s more important than ever to be at the forefront of new technology. Internet marketing, electronic communications, and online storefronts all play a major role in modern business – and digital payments are no different. 

Many companies are now opting for digital transaction types for B2C and B2B payment processing, but there are still plenty of business owners dragging their feet. While the cost of upgrading your payment system and altering processes may seem inconvenient, there’s no doubt that the benefits can drastically improve business operations. Surprisingly, the customer’s method of payment can actually affect how much they spend and how happy they are with the transaction.

Let’s explore six reasons why digital payments are the perfect solution for your business.

1. Save Money

customer selecting the single payment option on mobile phone

The cost of manual check processing can be significantly more than digital payment processing.

But it’s not just the external credit card processing fees that will drive costs up for your company. Business owners also need to consider the productivity costs of maintaining a non-digital system. If staff members spend more time processing payments, your business is losing valuable productivity from its workforce. A mistake can quickly become costly.

Using a digital payment platform outsources the legwork of processing payments. This allows your staff to focus on the operational aspects of your business rather than laboriously keying in information.

2. Protect Against Fraud

Digital payment systems offer better fraud-prevention methods than traditional payment systems. If you’ve fallen victim to payment fraud in the past, upgrading your system creates a strong digital paper trail. Electronic payment systems are designed specifically to mitigate fraudulent behavior.

Not only does this help your business avoid the ramifications of fraud, but it also safeguards your customers and vendors from similar issues. Utilizing digital payments allows you to integrate with helpful chargeback technology as well, lowering your chargeback ratio. Protecting your customers from being exposed to security concerns can help you foster long-term relationships. 

3. More Payment Options

As more businesses move toward electronic payments, an increasing number of customers and vendors expect electronic payments. If you want to make paying bills easier for your customer base, offering a digital solution is vital. In fact, it’s also easier for them and you. There are additional integrations that you can take advantage of by using electronic payment types such as:

Reducing stress for your vendors and customers can help you retain business relationships as well as increase sales. 

4. Improve Payment Processing Speed 

Traditional check payments can take considerable time to process. Not only will your vendors or customers have to process a check, but your bank will also need to clear funds into your account. Much of this process requires physical input from staff members.

If your business wants to clear money quickly, accepting digital payments is a much more suitable arrangement. The clearing process is often automated and takes a matter of seconds to appear. 

5. Reduce Payment Errorscustomer paying with an NFC compatible digital card

Traditional payments are often riddled with errors. With manual payment posting, this can cause serious time-related issues. If errors are not spotted immediately, vendors and customers will need to be contacted to make amendments. 

Payment errors are much more than a simple inconvenience – they can cost your business time and money. Errors also appear unprofessional, which can have a negative impact on client relationships. Digital payments cut down on this problem because the system corrects human errors or at the very least alerts to them.

6. Understand Your Cash Flow 

Digital payment platforms provide in-depth information on your cash management and cash flow. If your business is struggling to manage its cash flow, using electronic payments can provide you with useful insights and data. By tracking all your digital transactions in a central location, you can view real-time data that can assist in decision-making processes. 

For this reason, it’s essential to work with a digital payments platform that allows you to track your payment metrics. It’s never been easier to keep tabs on your business’s financial data. 

Gain a Competitive Advantage in Your Niche 

The above benefits allow your business to gain a competitive advantage in your niche. If other industry competitors aren’t currently using digital payment systems, your small business can take advantage of faster and more reliable payment processing. By gaining insight into your cash flow, your company can prepare itself to capitalize on new opportunities. 

As industries grow increasingly competitive, it’s essential for successful business owners to harness the power of digital transactions. The initial investment and onboarding process is minuscule compared to the immediate advantages. 

Hidden advantage: improve cash flow velocity 

While increasing your payment processing speed provides obvious advantages, many business owners don’t examine the true speed-based benefits that electronic transactions can produce. Cash flow velocity is the rate of positive cash flow in your business over a select amount of time. 

If you’re able to avoid mistakes and quickly process transactions, you’ll have a strong cash flow to employ within your company. For businesses currently experiencing cash flow issues, an archaic payment processing system might be partly to blame. If you can eliminate processing issues, your business will have better access to much-needed cash.  

Strong cash flow velocity is a critical element for businesses of any size or maturity. Whether you’re a small startup or a large multinational company, if you can quickly deploy capital when an opportunity arises, you’ll have a much better chance of succeeding.