Error Code 58: Transaction Not Permitted to Cardholder

As a business owner who accepts credit card payments, you may come across error code 58. Truthfully, the process of using a debit or credit involves many different parties working together. Each of those different parties has its own processes, and sometimes payments can’t go through. When this happens, a terminal will return one of many credit card decline codes. It’s helpful for merchants to understand and use these codes to handle situations where payments don’t go through. Read on to learn what error code 58 means and how to resolve a ‘transaction not permitted to cardholder’ error.

Transaction Not Permitted to Cardholder: What Does it Mean?

Error code 58 means the transaction is not permitted to the cardholder. This error code means that the customer’s card issuer cannot process the transaction. It also means the customer can’t use this credit card for this transaction.

There are many reasons why you may get this response. For example, the customer may be using a Discover credit card when your point of sale system cannot accept this type of payment. It’s also possible the ‘transaction not permitted’ error code could also come from a test credit card number. So when test credentials are run through a live gateway, the transaction cannot go through.

What is an Error Code?

error code 58 transaction not permitted to cardholder

When a merchant tries to process a payment and that transaction can’t go through, the terminal or point-of-sale system will generate an error code. An error code provides details that help you understand why the transaction has failed.

Typically, transactions fail because of a customer’s credit card issuer. The purpose of the error code is to provide some details as to why the card issuer could not accept the transaction or send it through.

In some cases, error codes are pretty self-explanatory. Other times, reason codes can be a little vague or the result of several different reasons. Let’s discuss in more detail what error code 58 means and how to handle situations where you receive this code.

How to Clear Your Error Code 58

If you receive this error code 58 cardholder transaction not permitted response, you have a couple of options on how to proceed. First, as a merchant, you can reach out to your payment processor if the payment type is one you should be able to accept. The payment processor can ensure that your merchant account’s configuration is correct. This could take some time, so it’s usually better to go with the second option so the customer doesn’t have to wait. The second option is to ask the customer for another form of payment. If you cannot accept their first form of payment, this option is ideal.

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