Reviewing Error Codes: What Does Error Code 28 Mean?

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It’s possible that when you are running a credit or debit card, you’ll receive error code 28. While credit card payment processing makes life a lot easier for retailers and customers, glitches do come up every now and then. These glitches come in the form of codes that stop a transaction and prevent it from going through. Error code 28 is only one of many errors, holds, and decline codes that may appear as a result of an unsuccessful transaction. It’s important to understand what they mean so you can help your associates and customers troubleshoot the problem. Read on to learn more about these codes and how to fix error code 28.

Possible Reasons You are Receiving Error Code 28

One of the errors you may come across from time to time is error code 28. But what does it mean?

When you see Error Code 28 during a transaction, it means that the file is temporarily unavailable. When this happens, a blip occurred either during the first part of the transaction process or during authorization. During authorization, the cardholder presents their credit card to the business. This may be done by entering the number on an eCommerce site, swiping a POS terminal, or giving the card number to the merchant over the phone. The merchant then sends a request for payment authorization.

The payment processor delivers a request to the card association, which sends a request to the issuing bank. A code 28 error happens during this initial authorization process. It simply means there was an issue immediately retrieving the information from the card-issuing bank. Therefore, because of its temporary status, the transaction should be put through again.

Credit card being declined at a credit card terminal to symbolize error code 28

What is an Error Code?

In credit card payment processing, an error code signifies a failed transaction. Some payments fail to go through on the first attempt. If this is the case, you must determine the cause of the issue. You may do this by looking at the error code number. Therefore, an error code is a numerical code that tells you why a credit card transaction was refused. Knowing the cause will help you to resolve the issue for your business as well as the customer.

How do I Fix Error Code 28?

If you receive an error code 28 message, keep in mind that the error is usually temporary. Therefore, patience is a virtue in this case. All you need to do to fix error code 28 is wait for a moment and attempt the transaction again. If you still receive the code, you’ll need to contact the issuing bank for more information. You might also check with the payment processor before calling the bank. In the meantime, ask the customer if they’re able to use another form of payment if you are unable to make contact.

Error codes can happen unexpectedly. However, the more you know about their use in payment processing, the more you can help your customers and decrease your chances of losing sales.

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