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Olivia Bono

Content Strategist

Olivia is an accomplished content creator based in Los Angeles, CA, where she plays a significant role in the Marketing Department at PaymentCloud. With a strong background in marketing, Olivia contributes her expertise to diverse projects aimed at enhancing outreach to merchants in high-risk industries. She leverages her knowledge of SEO, digital marketing, and PR to drive impactful campaigns and establish a robust online presence for the company.

Starting as a Content Coordinator, Olivia quickly demonstrated her ability to craft engaging content that resonated with present-day entrepreneurs. Her dedication and expertise led to her current role as Content Strategist. In this capacity, she writes and edits blog posts, YouTube scripts, and social media content, as well as handles all reputation management for the company, and leads and mentors a team of Content Coordinators.

Beyond her professional achievements, Olivia is a culinary adventurer, who loves experimenting with new recipes. She’s also an avid hiker, frequently seeking out new trails with her friends and family.


Before joining PaymentCloud, Olivia honed her marketing skills in the dynamic world of retail marketing. She played a pivotal role in the success of the popular retail company, DXL, where she gained valuable experience in crafting effective marketing strategies. Olivia's professional journey began with several roles at DXL — including buyer, business analyst, and digital content specialist. Her transition into fintech was marked by her time in sales for merchant accounts, where she immersed herself into the world of payment processing, gaining comprehensive knowledge of the industry. Olivia's journey at PaymentCloud has been one of continuous growth and achievement.


Olivia earned her Bachelor's degree in the Business of Fashion and Retail Marketing from Johnson & Wales University in 2014, further fueling her passion for marketing and consumer behavior. Her prior positions at PaymentCloud, coupled with her extensive marketing background, uniquely equip her to craft tailored content that speaks directly to the needs of today's business owners. Her true skill lies in simplifying complex financial technologies into understandable and actionable content, ensuring that businesses can navigate the world of payments with confidence.

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